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Cooking Grass-Fed with Chef Gillespie and White Oak Pastures

Join fourth-generation cattleman Will Harris and "Fan Favorite" Chef Kevin Gillespie on Will's ranch, White Oak Pastures, as they discuss what makes grass-fed beef so unique.

This blog post previously contained an outdated video about a supplier. We have removed the video to prevent confusion. We have always believed in and fought for the improvement of welfare for farm animals industry-wide, and all the pork, beef, chicken and turkey in our fresh meat cases comes from producers who have achieved certification to Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating system.

Will explains, "White Oak Pastures works in cooperation with nature to produce premium quality beef that is healthy, nutritious, and good to eat." Established in 1866, White Oak Pastures is comprised of 18 different farms in and around Southwestern Georgia. Will grazes the five thousand-plus cattle on 100% Georgia native sweet grasses. With the help of a loan from Whole Foods Market's Local Producer Loan Program, Will recently built an on-farm processing facility designed for low-stress animal handling while also minimizing the environmental impact. True to our commitment to support our local communities, we partner with grass-fed producers from across the

country. Grass-fed beef from White Oak Pastures is available in our stores in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and in Washington, D.C. and Princeton and Marlton, New Jersey. Want to know where the grass-fed beef in your local Whole Foods Market comes from? Just check our Grass-fed Rancher Partners page. And don't forget to pick up some grass-fed beef in our stores to give it a try yourself! We've got recipes and cooking tips along with the whole scoop on the benefits of grass-fed on our Grass-fed Beef page.

Editor’s Note: This blog was modified on 9/22/15 to update how we refer to our standards.