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Dinner One Day, Lunch the Next

Since my son’s still a preschooler, my family’s calendar has not yet reached the busy-schedule trifecta of soccer practice, endless homework and piano lessons. Yet we still find ourselves rushing at both the end of the day and the start of the next. Whether it comes down to getting dinner on the table quickly or remembering how to pack a lunch in the pre-coffee daze of the morning, we can all use a few tricks to make life easier.

That’s why I often turn to dinner recipes that make plenty of leftovers. By packaging single servings into reusable containers, I can be sure everyone has a nourishing, homemade meal at lunchtime.

Fortunately, it only requires a little extra work to make twice as much food. I’ve compiled some of my favorite dinner-to-lunch recipes that can be easily doubled to help you make it through another hectic week.



What are your favorite dishes for multiple meals? Let me know in the comments!