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FAQs from Our Global Office

As the receptionist at the Whole Foods Market® Global Support offices, I’m here to help set the record straight on questions that I receive daily from interested investors, customers and potential Team Members.

Here are a few I’ve answered recently:

Q: “I would like to follow up on a job application I submitted. Who should I contact?”

A: A great advantage to our company being decentralized is that each store and facility conducts their own hiring. This allows individual departments in each store to hire candidates that best fit the needs of their team. If you applied for a job at a store, you can call that store directly. (You’ll find store contact info on our website.)

When calling the store, ask for the specific team you applied for and they should be able to update you on where they are in the hiring process. There are instances where the departments will enlist the help of our payroll and benefits specialists at each location during the hiring process. It’s possible that they can look into the status of your application as well. If you applied for a regional or Global position, you’ll want to reach out to each of those facilities.

Q: “How do I become a vendor?”

A: We’re so glad you are interested in becoming a vendor! As one of our Core Values, we strive to create win-win partnerships with our suppliers. A great resource to start the process is to utilize our Info for Potential Vendors page. The page explains the decentralized structure of our company and provides a list of the regional offices so you can reach out for information on specific product submission guidelines.

The product must not contain any of our unacceptable ingredients for food, and our Quality Standards page also has useful links to our standards for meat, household cleaning products and body care items.  It’s important to keep in mind that due to the high volume of submissions received, regional offices will only contact vendors if they are interested in carrying their products.

Q: “Who do I contact if my town is perfect for a store?”

A: Our Real Estate team is happy to take suggestions regarding your city. You can submit a store location request, which we use to track specific areas for future sites. Some of the things our real estate team is looking for in a location are a large number of college-educated residents, abundant parking and excellent visibility. Check out their page for a detailed description of our guidelines.

These are just a few of the questions I’ve received lately. I’d love to hear your specific questions and I’ll try and track down an answer for you.

Leave a comment below with your questions!