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A Feast for Fathers

Dads are often the unsung heroes of the family.

While moms often get all the attention for taking care of the kids, cooking meals or tending the house, dads are right there along with them, changing diapers, flipping pancakes and pulling weeds. Why not take some time to celebrate the dads in your family with a feast filled with favorite foods? Here are a few ideas to get the party started and give props to Pops. Is Dad a veggie fiend? We’ve got gorgeous summery salads and great meat-free options.


We’ve got beef-loving dads covered too, with flavorful steaks for every taste preference. Fire up the grill with some of these:


Does Dad say Ciao! to Italian chow? We’ve got molto pasta choices:


Don’t forget to take care of the Dad with a sweet tooth. Try one of these seasonal sweet treats:


Happy Father’s Day, dads!

What are you hoping to be feasted with? Share your thoughts on a perfect Father’s Day in the comments.

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NoRecipeRequired says …

While I'll probably have to cook it for myself, we're have a pesto grilled flank steak http://www.noreciperequired.com/recipe/grilled-pesto-flank-steak with all the trimmings tomorrow. It's a great twist on a grilled steak!

MomLena says …

Although we can't spend Father's Day with Dad, may he rest in peace, we did order some Kansas City steaks for my father-in-law. It's also his birthday today, Flag Day! He sure loves those 16 oz. strip steaks that he shares with my mother-in-law. We will likely grill steaks here at home. I may bake a rum cake too. Seafood salad is usually a good choice besides our regular tossed salad w/homemade ranch dressing. My oldest son who serves in the U.S. Air Force is also a Dad but they live in ND. I'm sure they'll also be celebrating his special day since he's a great dad. you know the saying Any man can be a father but it takes a special man to be a Dad. :)

Marcy Rodgers says …

Both my father and my husband's father have passed away but we will celebrate Father's Day with our grandchildren and also celebrate my husband's birthday (June 16th), with a special dinner at home.

Gerry says …

Spend the day with my dad. Since he is not mobile to get around and go out to eat. I will celebrate with him with a homemade cake. He loves sweets!!

Jeff says …

Weather is going to be great this father's day. You can count on the grill coming out along with the swordfish and steaks. The Father's day meal will be terrific for everyone!!!

jacqueline says …

i really need this for my husband he need to eat healthy he pick up over 80 pound so i would be thankful.

Mildred Bucom says …

Thank You

Brenda says …

Unfortunately my Dad will not be able to spend the day with us but I will be sending him lots of cards and a photo of me and his 2 grand-daughters. We will also phone him to wish him an awesome day and promise him a yummy dinner when he comes to visit next month. I will make lots of organic roasted veggies and a healthy berry dessert with not so healthy ice cream.

Rubbie white says …

A nice thick steak with a good beer.

Rachel J says …

Every year a family barbecue.

Susan Allard says …

My fiance and I will be travelling to R.I. to spend the weekend with my dad ~ he is a steak lover and a sweet lover. Hoping to spoil him with organic filet mignon and a wonderful fruit tart from Whole Foods;)