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Food Blogger Cherry Favorites

By Liz Burkhart, June 28, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Liz Burkhart
If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are all about cherries these days. While we have lots of great recipes of our own for serving up delicious cherries, we know we don’t have a monopoly on great ways to serve up these seasonal delights. So, we reached out to some of our blogger friends and asked them to share their favorite recipes starring fresh cherries and they certainly delivered. Enjoy! Recipe: Cherry Blueberry Crumble Blog: Elana's Pantry/Contributor: Elana Recipe: Fresh Cherry-Berry Granita Blog: Poor Girl Eats Well/Contributor: Kimberly Recipe: Fresh Cherry & Green Yogurt Parfait Shots and Butter Lettuce, Fresh Cherry & Scallion Salad with Gruyere and Chardonnay Vinaigrette Blog: Poor Girl Eats Well/Contributor: Kimberly Recipe: Fresh Cherry Cupcakes Blog: Baking Bites/Contributor: Nicole Weston Recipe: Cherry Cheese Tart Blog: Evil Shenanigans/Contributor: Kelly Jaggers Recipe: Fresh Cherry Mascarpone Waffles Blog: Coconut & Lime/Contributor: Rachel Rappaport Recipe: Fresh Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Blog: Our Best Bites/Contributors: Kate and Sara Recipe: Single Serving Pie in a Jar Blog: Our Best Bites/Contributors: Sara and Kate Recipe: Sour Cherry Crumb Bars (may also use sweet cherries or other stone fruit) Blog: Café Fernando/Contributor: Cenk Recipe: Sour Cherry Frangipane Tart (may also use sweet cherries) Blog: Café Fernando/Contributor: Cenk Recipe: Cherry-Almond Clafoutis Blog: Use Real Butter/Contributor: Jennifer Yu
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Cookin' Canuck says ...
Great round-up of recipes from some of my favorites!
06/29/2010 1:46:07 PM CDT
Bethany Cecil says ...
A cherry is a sweet berry that is sure to make you merry. To crunch then twixt your teeth you'll find them quite the treat A sweet Bing will make you sing An early ripened chelan will have you start to yellin' For the large tieton you will find quite excitin' The ranier will quickly disappear cause it is only around for a very brief part of the year Cherries are loaded with magnesium, iron, folate and fiber which will make you healthier and wiser. The boron they contain make healthy bones now why would you ever want to leave them alone From 20 countries that yield a 1000 varieties I suggest that you get busy and start to try these. Just remember...the darker the fruit the sweeter the treat!
07/07/2010 8:45:26 PM CDT
Cooking4carnivores says ...
I just topped my dark cherry vanilla ice cream float with a fresh cherry - http://www.cooking4carnivores.com/2010/07/cherry-bomb.html Now I have to use up the rest of the bag!
07/10/2010 11:32:24 PM CDT