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Gaia Herbs

Since 1986, Gaia Herbs has been committed to growing certified organic herbs.  Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, the Gaia Herb Farm is one of the largest medicinal herb farms in the United States, with some 50 crops growing on 250 acres of certified organic river bottom soil.

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Lee Clifton says …

GAIA HERBS: CHANGING effective formulations...WITHHOLDING beneficial options. READ THIS STORY: Years ago I suffered recurrent chronic bronchitis which kept me running to doctors each year for antibiotics. One particular year after I had exhausted my prescriptions the bronchitis returned within weeks. Tired of being pumped with chemicals, I began to research herbal alternatives and found that a company named Gaia Herbs made a supplement compound called "Lomatium and Osha Supreme". The herbal blend was a perfect combination to ward off bacterial as well as fungal infections and it prevented my being susceptible to air-born viruses. Not only did it stop my recurring bronchitis...but I didn't get sick AT ALL. This is what I called a Godsend. The problem I am facing now (and for the last several years) is that the company discontinued using the herb Lomatium (one-half of the preventive power in the blend) and ever since, it has been just another "hope it works" bottle of capsules. In fact, since this formulation change, I have been sick several times as the "new formulation" is ineffective without Lomatium. The reasoning that they state in all of their form letters for removing Lomatium from their products is that it can cause an itchy rash in a small percentage of the people who take it. The confusing part to me is this: Gaia Herbs still sells the herb Kava, which carries an FDA warning that it can cause liver damage. In conclusion: When I found the Lomatium and Osha blend of herbs which stopped my bronchial attacks I felt for the first time like alternative medicine worked and also gave us as Americans a right to choose our own path to health. Now that this company has removed the most powerful anti-bronchitis herb on the market from this supplement that helped me so drastically (the ONLY thing that helped me) they have effectively taken away my preventive medicine as well as taken away my right to choose and that is not their job. Contrast this with the fact that they're still selling bucket-loads of Kava to the public (and remember that Kava causes liver damage whereas my supplement, Lomatium, can only cause itching in a remotely small population) and please tell me the reasoning for removing Lomatium, which clearly makes a positive difference in lives (it did mine) from the market? Bottom line: I need this company to produce the original formulation of Lomatium and Osha Supreme but as many times as I speak to them about it, they are uncaring and unwilling to even reconsider on this subject. In America, this company has effectively said "we will choose for you and you do not get the option to take that which makes you better" and all the while they are selling herbs which can cause infinitely more damage.

Kim Jensen says …

Re: Lee Clifton I hope for your sake and many others that suffer as you do, that the company will make a positive change back to the original formula. If the Gaia will not produce the formula, is it possible for you to go to a compounding pharmacy to get what you need? I have used a compounding pharmacy in the past for other products. This is my first visit to this company's site, I was referred to it. I wish you the best, as I know how everything in a person's life changes when our health and wellness is preventing us from being the best we can be, as mine is, but for different reasons.

suha says …

how can i buy this herb on line of ur website

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@SUHA - We do not currently sell products online but you might be able to purchase them through their website at http://www.gaiaherbs.com/.

anthony edwards says …

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