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Go Natural with your Kosher Passover

By Allison Burch, April 12, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Allison Burch
Our customers expect high-quality natural and organic products from us every day. Check. What about those not so everyday occasions? We’ve got you covered there too. Many of you are looking for kosher foods for Passover that also meet our strict quality standards for being free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats. We’ve got ‘em. How about kosher poultry raised without antibiotics and with plenty of room to roam around? Got that too. Simply put, you don’t have to sacrifice your standards to put traditional favorites on your Passover table. Did you know that many kosher suppliers use artificial preservatives and other ingredients that we don’t allow in our stores? We knew we needed to provide kosher products for our customers but there just weren’t natural versions out there. So, our grocery buyers partnered with kosher food producers to help them reformulate their products to meet high quality standards for natural and organic, with the commitment that our stores and customers would provide a market for these upgraded kosher products. We encourage you to give them a try! We’re pleased to bring products like these to our stores, all of which are certified kosher for Passover: Aviv Organic Whole Wheat Matzos, Matzo Meal, Matzo Farfel and Cake Meal Yehuda Organic Matzo
  • Imported from Israel and exclusive to our stores
  • A  Passover favorite—gone organic
  • With a great flavor and a crisp crunch it’s also good for matzo brei
  • You’ll also find Yehuda Whole Wheat Matzos, Matzo Crackers, Matzo Farfel, Matzo Meal, Cake Meal and Gluten Free Matzo-Style Squares
  • A premiere purveyor of kosher foods since 1925
  • Streit's mixes make it easier to achieve potato latkes with just the right taste and matzo balls with just the right texture
  • Transformed their kosher line to meet our quality standards—no MSG or partially hydrogenated fats
  • Take a look at their line-up of mixes that help you make the traditional foods that have connected generations: Potato Kugel Mix, Instant Mashed Potato Mix (Plain or Garlic), Bag N’ Bake Seasoned Coating Mix (Regular, Honey or BBQ), Stuffing Mixes (Original, Savory Herb or Whole Wheat), Natural Cake Mixes (Sponge, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate or Yellow with Chocolate Frosting)
Avvio Organic Grape Juice
  • Made just for us from a special harvest of organic grapes
  • You'll only find it in our stores for a short while during the Passover season
  • 100% Concord grape juice, with no artificial preservatives or flavors
Glick’s Macaroons
  • Delicately sweet, with a crisp exterior and a soft and chewy texture
  • These scrumptious macaroons have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Choose from Choc-Chip, Chocolate, Coconut or Almond flavors
Kedem Gefilte Fish
  • Independent, family-owned and operated in the United States since 1948
  • No egg yolk, no matzo meal and gluten free
  • It’s a perfect Passover appetizer
For the main course, try Kosher Valley Poultry, the nation’s first and only producer of responsibly raised, vegetarian-fed kosher chickens and turkeys that meet our standard for no antibiotics, ever. Raised in the rolling hills of Central New York, these dual kosher certified (Rabbi Babad and Orthodox Union) chickens and turkeys are very moist, tender and naturally flavorful. Producing kosher poultry takes about three times as long as non-kosher birds. Many steps are still performed by hand, with extra care and time. Specially trained rabbinical inspectors check every single bird for any signs of abnormalities or disease, and they often reject birds that have already passed government inspections. This assures that customers are getting the highest-quality bird, processed in accordance with the kosher standards of cleanliness, purity and wholesomeness. This is just a sampling of the tasty Passover foods available in many of our stores. Contact your local Whole Foods Market to find out about their selection of kosher offerings and how they can help you with your special meal. We think you’ll agree, things are getting better all the time for your Passover meal. Enjoy!




Carol Kern says ...
Looking for David Glass Flourless Chocolate Cake.
04/12/2011 9:14:57 PM CDT
bepkom says ...
@Carol: Please contact your local store to see if they have the product you're looking for. Thanks!
04/13/2011 12:27:54 PM CDT
bob davis says ...
do we have those egg cups that fit in the seder plate?
04/13/2011 7:25:15 PM CDT
Harriet Miller says ...
Is there any plans to open a Whole Foods Store in the Lynnwood/ Edmonds Wa. area? There is one badly needed closer and easier to get to. Thank you, Harriet Miller
04/13/2011 7:38:29 PM CDT
Cheryl Solomon says ...
Do you have a section for Passover recipes, including meat, vegetarian and vegan? I just learned that quinoa is kosher for Passover!
04/13/2011 8:23:18 PM CDT
Gloria Richman says ...
Thank You! Now if you would come to the West Valley of Phoenix, we could shop with you more often! Sun City, Surprise, Peoria, Glendale!
04/13/2011 10:28:04 PM CDT
June says ...
I have ordered my first Passover meal from you. All looks good, but where is the gefilte fish and the charoseth?
04/14/2011 12:26:06 AM CDT
Carla says ...
Thank you so much for thinking about those of us on a whole foods, plant-based diet. Whole Foods is the best store ever! Love that you have nutrition specialists in your stores too. Excited for the new, bigger store opening in Charlottesville, VA.
04/14/2011 7:04:53 AM CDT
Margie says ...
Thank you for porviding this information and this service to the Jewish community. I greatly appreciate this and will go to my Overland Park store today to see what they offer for Passover.
04/14/2011 9:04:38 AM CDT
bepkom says ...
@June: Our stores sell those separately. Just ask a Team Member in the Grocery department (or Customer Service) to help you find it.
04/14/2011 9:46:39 AM CDT
bepkom says ...
@Cheryl: Please contact your local store to see what kind of recipes they offer.
04/14/2011 9:57:35 AM CDT
bepkom says ...
@Harriet: Unfortunately no plans yet.
04/14/2011 9:58:18 AM CDT
bepkom says ...
@Bob: Product selection can vary between stores, so please check at the location where you shop.
04/14/2011 9:59:05 AM CDT
diane pollack says ...
I would like to see a prepared foods passover menu.
04/14/2011 1:47:30 PM CDT
vann says ...
many thanks for all the gluten free passover products
04/14/2011 2:47:15 PM CDT
Gail Berger says ...
Thank you for carrying Passover products. I have found it difficult finding goods for the holidays and am looking forward to shopping at your Arapahoe store on the weekend. Parker stores do not have many choices.
04/14/2011 3:18:58 PM CDT
Michael says ...
Have almost all my Passover shopping done. Do you have any plans on opening a store in Queens, NY? The TJ's in Forest Hills does tremendous business.
04/15/2011 7:10:08 AM CDT
Amy says ...
Major nachas from this Whole Foods! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
04/16/2011 11:06:43 PM CDT
Christine Marin says ...
I was planning to order multiple items from your passover menu, but my local store did not have them. Bummer!
04/18/2011 5:57:42 AM CDT
bepkom says ...
@Diane: Please check in with your local store to find out what foods they're offering for Passover. Thanks!
04/19/2011 4:20:39 PM CDT
Dr. Yehuda Frischman says ...
Is it possible to order cases of your Avvio Kosher Concord grape juice? It really is delicious and has not been available in the store I shop in (West Hollywood) since after Passover. Thanks!
06/12/2011 3:40:55 AM CDT
maria ramirez says ...
do you have kosher baked cakes
03/24/2013 9:07:09 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@MARIA - Our products vary between locations so check with your local store to see what options they have in stock.
03/25/2013 4:54:12 PM CDT
Phyllis Chasin says ...
Do you carry Yehuda's Gluten Free Matzo for Passover? And if so, what is the price per box? Thank you.
04/17/2014 9:15:24 AM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@PHYLLIS - Our exact product options and prices will differ between stores. Check with your local store to find out if they have these items in stock and they'll be happy to let you know the price!
04/17/2014 12:22:48 PM CDT