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Green products are a big deal and getting bigger, but how big can they get and still be green? While more companies are starting to talk the talk, very few are actually doing the walk. Greenwashing, the practice of misleading consumers about the environmental benefits of a particular product or service, is a growing problem.

So how do you know what’s fact or fiction when it comes to green claims? You can start with this recent Boston Globe article that discusses how some companies are exploiting the green market by greenwashing their products. The Six Sins of Greenwashing site will familiarize you with common methods used by companies that are less than forthcoming about what they’re trying to sell you. Finally, you can heighten your green awareness in the marketplace by checking out the Greenwashing Index, a forum that evaluates the greenness of various marketing campaigns.

If you know of other sources for verifying green claims, or if you have questions or concerns about greenwashing in general, please share them with us.