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Health Starts Here: 5 Simple Snacks

HSHLet’s admit it, we all love to snack. And despite what some folks may say about not eating in between meals, inevitably that snack attack will sneak up when I least expect it – along with the urge for something crunchy or sweet. They come on strong, usually in the afternoon when I need a little boost to keep me going until my evening meal. Snacking often times gets a bad rap, but I think that the negativity associated with snacking is more about what you’re snacking on and less about the act of snacking.

Next time you’re on the run and the urge to snack hits, try grabbing some of your favorite fruits or chopped veggies. Both are easy, simple and will leave you feeling alive rather than sluggish from those fried, salty, sugar packed options. Better yet, plan ahead and try one of these tasty Health Starts Here™ snack recipes.

These snacks will give you a boost of nutrients without sending you into crash-mode.

  • Black Bean HummusBlack Bean Hummus Serve this Mexican-inspired hummus with raw veggies or tortilla chips for dipping, or spread it on sandwiches and wraps, too. 
  • Carrot Cashew Spread This spread is a delicious snack on toasted slices of Health Starts Here whole grain bread, instead of on crackers.
  • Celery Bits with Roasted Red Pepper Cream Cool crunchy celery is the perfect carrier for delicious, dairy-free roasted red pepper topping.
  • Banana-Cocoa Snack Cake Enjoy a thick square of this cake with coffee in the morning, tea at night or as a mid-day snack on the go. The cake's sweetness comes from bananas and dates, and its richness comes from light coconut milk.
  • Apple Cinnamon Oat Squares These tasty squares are simple to make ahead and keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator so you can grab and go throughout the week. Apple Cinnamon Oat Squares

Find more Health Starts Here recipes. What is your favorite nutrient dense way to soothe a snack attack?

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Dee says …

These look terrific. Can't wait to try the snack cake and black bean hummus this week.

SusieBeeOnMaui (Eat Little, Eat Big) says …

My new favorite: black eyed pea hummus-couldn't believe how good it is the first time I made it. Delicious on slices of cucumber. Don't wait for New Years! http://eatlittleeatbig.blogspot.com/2011/01/recipe-for-black-eyed-pea-hummus.html

Nel Epperly says …

We love your 365 organic sugar cookies but do not like the packaging. They used to come in plastic tubs which kept the cookies from getting broken. A while back the packaging was changed to plastic bags and it seems like ever bag that we get has about a quarter of the cookies broken. If we plan to serve these on a plate, we don't get a large quantity that are whole. We would appreciate 365 going back to the tubs instead of the bags.

Kim Devine says …

Chad, I am a runner, health-conscious (I like to say 'food-aware') have a passion for everything cooking, baking and food related, love to curl up on the couch with a good cookbook, and have been known to wander the isles of my local Whole Foods for a good hour(+) at a time reading labels and looking at new products. Currently I am enrolled at the University of Michigan and am working towards my Masters Degree in Public Health and becoming a Registered Dietitian. This summer I worked part time as a cashier at the Portland, Maine store and am very aware of Whole foods core values and new initiatives, specifically 'Health Starts Here.' I would love to try and get involved with Whole Foods this summer working in some element of this new initiative. Any thoughts, help, or suggestions on where to start would be appreciated! Thanks, Kim p.s. apple cinnamon oat squares - 2 thumbs up from this house!

PK says …

Please, please bring Whole Foods to Clarksville, Tennessee! We have a university and an army post and lots of people who would love you, including ME! Thank you!

patty says …

We would love to get a whole foods store in Spokane, WA also. Another great snack is Bumblebar. Founded in.1995, they are the original certified organic, vegan gluten free sesame snack bar. Bumblebar continues to be a family owned and operated business that puts People and Planet before Profit! Whole foods carries our bars. Would love to help spread the word.

Frank Clark says …

I'm interested in a low carbohydrate diet - plenty of salad greens, fruit, anything else in the form of snacks that align with my diet sttyle.

Kathi Lafferty says …

Has anyone here tasted Snack N Shrooms? Seasoned, dried mushrooms - the chip that's dried, not fried! Use your culinary imagination with this product!

Adriel Torres says …

Dry roasted organic raw pumpkin seeds found in the bulk isle at Whole Foods Market!