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Healthy Pregnancy Preparation

In support of Pregnancy Awareness Month this May, tune in to learn from the founder herself as she shares her diet and lifestyle suggestions for couples preparing to conceive. Anna Getty is a busy mother of two, an author, blogger and founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month.

May is Pregnancy Awareness Month:
  • Created to provide an educational platform that supports pregnant women and new moms with information and a supportive community.
  • Motherhood is celebrated with four key initiatives: education, exercise, nutrition and wellness, and nurturing the mother.
  • Events are held around the country and more information can be found at www.pregnancyawareness.com
When preparing to conceive, Anna Getty recommends cleansing the body:
  • Infertility is at an all time high due to stress, exposure to environmental chemicals, pesticides and preservatives in our food, and lack of sleep.
  • Doing a 5-21 day detox well before trying to conceive, along with taking a pre-natal vitamin, eating organic whole foods and cutting out alcohol, caffeine, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs will assist in creating a fertile and healthy environment for conception.
Consider internal and external environments when preparing the body for pregnancy:
  • Supportive exercise like yoga, pilates or hiking in nature can be helpful for lowering stress and reconnecting to one’s body.
  • Fertility acupuncture, meditation and bodywork can also be supportive and beneficial.
  • Getting toxins out of the house by using non-toxic cleaners and body care products is important for overall health.
  • The goal is to create a healthy environment, where one’s hormones are balanced and the body is ready to conceive.
There are many ways men can support fertility to help with conception:
  • Taking a zinc supplement has shown to increase sperm count and improve the quality of the sperm.
  • Exercising regularly, eating a well balanced organic diet and cutting out alcohol may improve a man’s health and well-being.
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