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trisha says ...
S Hoffman: Another natural sleep aid, and one that all women should take anyway, is a 500 mg calcium/magnesium supplement before bed. Magnesium relaxes and calcium can deepen sleep.
12/22/2009 9:13:29 AM CST
Mike says ...
Great post. I find the difficulties and choices made by couples in their sleeping habits to be fascinating. I’d love to read more on this topic. Here’s a recent article I particularly enjoyed on couples’ sleeping arrangements: http://burisonthecouch.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/zzzzzzzz/ I’d love to see more like it. Thanks!
12/22/2009 12:13:19 PM CST
heidi says ...
I'm having an ongoing problem with insomnia, so these tips will definately help me out. I could try the all-natural sleep aids too, because I get concerned about typical OTC sleep aids, as I may become dependent on them. I would hate to go to a doctor and have him prescribe something even more dangerous like Ambien. Thanks for the blog!
07/18/2010 9:02:54 PM CDT
Oksama says ...
any suggestions for a natural sllep remedy for a baby - 7 months old?
10/17/2010 4:22:24 PM CDT
patricia says ...
i work at night and the relaxing sleepy time tea helps me alot after a twelve hour shift i would recommend it .
12/31/2010 2:44:02 AM CST
Mary says ...
I have a daughter who suffers with compulsive Alcoholism. I have noticed an association with her taking sleep aid drinks and relapse especially strong if tge drinks are processed organically. I have looked at the label and have no seen even rge words trace amounts of alcohol listed on rge drinks. However, recently I have been told tgat alcohol is rge chief preservative used in many drink especially if they are organic. Even trace amounts of alcohol pose a serious threat to compulsive alcoholics whose allergy to alcohol is akin to a peanut allergy. The allergy triggers the obsession which then starts the deadly relapse. Do you know if there are any sleep aides out there which do not use ingredients such as alcohol in tge preservative process. Kombaccha tea was taken off the market by whole foods for this not because of tge dangers posed by tge potential allergy to the alcohol in the tea. But because it was found tgat selling of alcohol by minor age clerks was illegal and tge destributor could not account for tge level of alcohol that was increased by tge fermentation process.
03/14/2013 9:47:23 AM CDT
chelsa wenich says ...
Ive had trouble sleeping for over 20 yrs & it hasnt gotten any better. Im on a lot of meds & have tried several otc & prescriptions and still not much luck. I have a hard getting to sleep & staying asleep. Id love something natural that actual works. HELP PLEASE !!!!
05/08/2014 7:23:12 PM CDT
Karlene says ...
I've so many thing just to help me sleep, I'm definitely going to try the lavender and the chamomile.
07/13/2014 8:12:58 PM CDT