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Tricia Kingsbury says ...
I know several kids that could benefit from getting more Omega 3's in their diet! I will be cooking a lot more Salmon for my son! It is so important to help boost his focus and behavior in school! Thank you for sharing this podcast! A special thanks to www.momsloveshopping.com for pointing me in the right direction in listening to this great podcast!
10/23/2009 12:03:22 PM CDT
Michelle says ...
VERY informative!
10/23/2009 9:17:07 PM CDT
Colleen C says ...
My grandmother was a firm believer in barley water with lemon. Once I was in my teens, she would regularly make it for me. To this day, I prefer traditional remedies, where they make sense. Thanks for an informative podcast.
10/24/2009 6:54:04 PM CDT
Jill Dudley says ...
I really enjoyed this podcast and plan on listening to it again so I can write down all the suggested herbs and their uses. I also hope to swing by my nearest Whole Foods (20 miles away) and stock up my natural medicine cabinet!
10/25/2009 4:30:15 AM CDT
Chris says ...
It's interesting to hear how there are traditional responses to depression and anxeity that seem to be ignored in our pharma happy society.
10/26/2009 8:32:11 AM CDT
Michele says ...
Great podcast! One I will definitely reference again. I had forgot about cava cava, but will be going back to rediscover it. Very informative!!
10/26/2009 10:04:28 AM CDT
Diana says ...
Since I had my baby, I became very interested in natural Herbal remedies, traditional medicine. Very interesting! Great ideas!
10/27/2009 4:30:34 PM CDT
Donna Holmberg says ...
This podcast explains why I love certain scents at certain times. Iknow that I prefer certain smells when I'm stressed out, and certain ones help me relax, so this plays right into what I've already discovered.
10/29/2009 10:12:07 PM CDT
Erica says ...
i suffer from anxity and mood swing and its taking a toll on my relationship and my job. i was told about kava kava and i dont know where to find it, an suggestions??
03/08/2010 9:04:26 PM CST