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Lori says ...
Good podcast!
04/25/2010 7:27:21 PM CDT
Wendy says ...
It is really refreshing to come across this podcast and this movement. Thank you for your efforts in raising the bar for natural body care.
04/25/2010 8:06:59 PM CDT
Marrie says ...
Just joined The Campaign for Safe Cosmetic’s list! Thanks for letting me know about this.
04/25/2010 8:13:29 PM CDT
Christy says ...
My roomate has your 365 Shower Gel. I admit it, I used it the other night and was really surprised how well I enjoy the fragrance and feel. Guess it is time to by my own :)
04/25/2010 8:16:04 PM CDT
Tia says ...
It is so important to check labels on these products. Even then there are somethings you just won't find under broad categories such as "fragrances". This is where the trouble can lie. Glad you are making this effort.
04/25/2010 8:20:10 PM CDT
Sven says ...
Thank you Whole Foods, for working on this cause. I have always enjoyed the stores and watching your 365 brand grow. It is so good to have an affordable body care options that we can afford.
04/25/2010 9:06:36 PM CDT
hsiaw says ...
Hey Quinnie, you can simply look for the Premium Body Care Standard label on the products that meet this standard: http://blog.wholefoodsmarket.com/2010/04/premium-body-care-the-vendor-connection/ If you're having trouble finding anything, just let one of our Whole Body team members know and they can help you out. Thank!
04/26/2010 11:19:45 AM CDT
Kiva says ...
Thanks for clarifying your standards. I have several 365 products, and really like the lotion!
04/29/2010 12:59:34 PM CDT
Tracy says ...
It seems like a wise step to add a standard like this to your industry! I have always appreciated you all for your commitment to healthy standards.
04/29/2010 1:17:06 PM CDT
Pierre says ...
Thanks to Whole Foods for making this effort! You have so many good products in your stores, I am surprised to find out perhaps some of them don't actually meet this standard. Either way I believe they are well ahead of the curve of most conventional stores.
04/29/2010 1:59:36 PM CDT
Nan says ...
Love the 365 products!
04/30/2010 1:22:55 PM CDT
Cindy says ...
That's right Hold that Bar High- Someone has to do it and you can leverage your buying power to influence your suppliers!
05/03/2010 4:04:53 PM CDT
Jim says ...
I only shop from companies that are part of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. I found this super moisturizing organic soap bar from a company that is a part of the campaign! http://www.amazon.com/Organic-Hemp-Soothing-Refreshing-Peppermint/dp/B008FS9YS8/
07/14/2012 8:05:19 PM CDT