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Keep Earth Day Going!

By Paige Brady, April 22, 2009  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady
Earth Month

Happy Earth Day! We know we have customers, team members and vendors who are dedicated to helping our planet. Give yourself a quick pat on the back for everything you've done in the last year to green your life and business!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get together and share ideas for ways to keep Earth Day going all year long. We'll host a live blog this Friday, April 24th, at 1:00pm CST.

Green Mission

Kathy Loftus, nationally recognized green management expert and active member of Whole Foods Market's Green Mission Team, will guide the chat. Whether you are new to green living or have been on the bandwagon a long time, join us to share your questions and answers to how we can all work together to protect the world around us.

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sylvia bengisoy says ...
My green resolution is to use my gently recycled crafts materials to create new artwork. I'm using my paper products to create small books that highlight other's poetry.
04/22/2009 12:15:18 PM CDT
gladys gonsalves says ...
Earth Day should be every day.............
04/22/2009 12:30:36 PM CDT
sue says ...
for Earth Day, I am in the process of making all my neighbors and friends and co workers cloth bags for shopping. Each bag will be specific for each person, with a theme that is important to that person. For example, my friend who is very into gardening is getting cloth bags made from fabric imprinted with gardening tools and vegetables! It makes me happy to know what they like, and they are happily connected to me when they're shopping! and we are all satisfied that we are doing something to save our precious planet! sue
04/22/2009 12:30:57 PM CDT
Jamie Miller says ...
Hello, I work for a law firm in downtown Birmingham. You have a Whole Foods location near where I work, but not where I live. Me, and many others in the Hoover (Riverchase), Alabama area would so enjoy to your grocery store in our suburb. Just letting you know so that maybe you can foward this to your internal management for them to look into opening a store in Hoover, Alabama (35244). Thank you so much for letting me post this. Jamie Miller, Hoover, Alabama. 205-410-5124
04/22/2009 12:35:07 PM CDT
Patricia (Sunlight) Little says ...
Greetings, I would like to see raw foods and juicing come back. Both are very essential for the body. I still see a lot of people snacking on junk like whole foods chips, soda, pizza, etc. Not enough veggies and fruits are brought.
04/22/2009 12:51:18 PM CDT
Cherryl Flocken says ...
I am using old newspapers as a weed block in my gardens.
04/22/2009 1:48:32 PM CDT
Josephine Greco says ...
I recycle envelopes that I get in the mail with self addressed envelopes that I won't be using to send back. I white out the address where it is going to or put a blank sticker over it and put my address to where it is going to pay bills or whatever I need it for.
04/22/2009 1:55:15 PM CDT
Judy Conrad says ...
Walking more and eating whole foods. As the weather is warming, I'm planning to walk outside on days that weather permits. This along with eating foods that have not already been processed, i.e., fresh vegetables and fruit as well as whole grains. By eating home cooked menus should eliminate manufactured chemicals that not only polute our bodies but also our environment.
04/22/2009 3:14:25 PM CDT
Traci says ...
I will turn off the water when I brush my teeth, and just generally be more aware of my water usage. :)
04/22/2009 3:27:13 PM CDT
Shelley says ...
My Earth Day resolution is to find a way to recycle at my new home. I have recently relocated to London, and have found that recycling is not nearly as easy as it is at my condo in the States. Thus, I will be hunting around for ways to recycle my accumulation of recyclables. Even if I have to trudge a long ways or wait for people to assist me, I will do what I can to recycle!
04/22/2009 4:10:33 PM CDT
michelle says ...
Some changes I will putting into place: Replacing my washing machine to a front load energy and water efficient washing machine. Installing a water heating recyling unit so that I don't have to wait for the water to get hot when it comes out of the facet will save lots of water. Also getting a smaller water heater will decrease the amount of energy used to heat the water.
04/22/2009 4:32:23 PM CDT
Jessica says ...
Everyday is earth day around my house! I just got 5 adorable chickens to lay organic eggs for me, in turn they are going to eat all of the bugs in my garden and fertilize it with their waste. Along with that today my red wigglers came, so I can start my worm compost bin. Although we have 5 compost piles as it is I thought that with worms I could educate others about composting and its benefits. In one month I will be giving a presentation to 7th and 8th graders about the wonders of worms and composting. If all of this was not enough I am a vegetarian and have been loving the lifestyle for two years. Save the planet one meal at a time. Enjoy life and live Green. Because we can't afford to live any other way!
04/22/2009 4:51:03 PM CDT
Debbie Ziebert says ...
I will begin unplugging appliances that are normally left plugged in, such as my stereo, television, etc. I will also start using the fabric shopping bags instead of using paper and plastic.
04/22/2009 5:24:39 PM CDT
Lori says ...
Work in the community to help in the recycle process.
04/22/2009 5:28:07 PM CDT
Nancy says ...
I lead a fairly green life but we can all do more. I live in a very old not very green home and my plan this year is to insulate the attic, not use my AC and grow more of my own vegetables. All seeds I got are heirloom. I also plan on walking to work at least two days a week.
04/22/2009 6:34:44 PM CDT
Donna says ...
Well I already recycle everything I can. I have all energy effecient bulbs in the whole house. I turn off all unused power off incuding my computer,entertainment center,and any room I'm not using. I have things plugged into power strips to shut things off more easily. I only run things like dishwasher/dryer/washer at low peak hours. I keep my heat at 62 degrees in the winter. Thats what sweaters were made for. And of all days my daughter and I rescued a baby bunny today from the park. It looks like we have a visitor for 2 weeks until we can release it to the forest preserve. I do plan on planting a herb and vegetable garden for the first time in the yard. That is my way to celebrate Earth Day this year and everyday. Happy Earth Day to everyone!
04/22/2009 6:43:41 PM CDT
Janet says ...
Before the first Earth Day in 1970 local communities held Rid Litter Day and whole towns (scouts, 4-H, local citizens) would all come out and pick up road side trash. I learned then to NEVER throw anything out the car window. I'm adopting a road in my town as my way to bring back Rid Litter Day and celebrate Earth Day.
04/22/2009 7:46:36 PM CDT
Rose Eagar says ...
My family and I are going meatless every other day. Our goal is everyday day to help Mother Earth.
04/22/2009 8:16:14 PM CDT
Sharon says ...
I will recycle more plastic bottles and use more resusable water bottles.
04/22/2009 8:23:05 PM CDT
Rose J. says ...
Because I have 4 grandchildren to take care of,(have custody of them due to a domestic violence that put their mother to the hospital for quite sometime now) I decided to change my habits of using paper plates,cups,forks,spoons and paper towels now. We will all be using reusables and cloth rugs to wipe everything from hands to countertops. We will get containers to separate all recyclables. Also, no more water delivery and use water filter instead. Plant some vegetables in our small backyard will surely help us too.
04/22/2009 9:05:20 PM CDT
Anne says ...
I will teach my students to use our resources wisely and try to use more recycled items to make art projects than I ever have before. I am going to come up with a great art project for those plastic water bottles.
04/22/2009 9:39:17 PM CDT
Michelle Kranzel says ...
My Earth Day pledge is to collect my oldest sisters recyclables for her since she apparently doesn't share the same views or concerns about the environment as I do. I already live a very green lifestyle & I constantly tell my family how important it is to save energy, conserve water & reduce pollution as much as possible but when I'm talking to her about it I feel like I'm wasting my breath & talking to a wall. It's very frustrating when I go throw something in the trash at her house I see all the plastic bottles & other recyclable materials that I would otherwise put aside w/my recycling at home. I would also like to start buying eco friendly kitchen garbage bags for my own home it kills me to toss them in the garbage cans while I'm recycling all the other plastic bags like newspaper & shopping bags. I also need to remember to take my reusable shopping bags w/me when I go shopping, I have 5 or 6 of them & always forget to use them!!! I planted seeds w/the kids today & picked up nasty random garbage in a parking lot in honor of Earth Day but I truly belive we should Make Every Day Earth Day!!
04/23/2009 12:39:37 AM CDT
linda says ...
I started using reusable bags instead of plastic bags at the stores and love it!! My kids always take reusable containers for lunch. I am learning about all kinds of ways to not waste and am looking forward to introducing them to my family! Happy healthy Earth Day "Everyday"!!
04/23/2009 12:47:41 AM CDT
Pamela says ...
I run my dishwasher, washing machine and dryer on the shortest cycle and run them once a week. This has saved on electricity use and time. We also have been driving a hybrid car and need to fill it up only once a month. We have had this car for 5 years. We have saved a lot of money doing this.
04/23/2009 5:54:41 AM CDT
John Pelley says ...
We bring our own bags when we shop. Paper or Plastic? No Thanks. We have our own. This is one easy way of going green.
04/23/2009 6:17:02 PM CDT