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Latin Party From Putumayo

By Paige Brady, April 25, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady

Congratulations to Anya from Boulder, our randomly selected winner of the Putumayo CDs!

Putumayo World Music’s latest release is Latin Party, just in time to help make your Cinco de Mayo celebration a real toe tapper. (Read on for a chance to win some Putumayo CDs.) Ethnomusicologist Jacob Edgar, who helps Putumayo in finding music and artists for their new releases, provides this overview of Cinco de Mayo and the Latin Party CD.
Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) has become a significant holiday in America as a celebration of Mexican culture, history and food. Mexicans commemorate the 1862 defeat of the French army in the Battle of Puebla, which was the last time a country in the Americas was invaded by a European army. And, much as St. Patrick’s Day has developed into an opportunity for people of all ethnic backgrounds to celebrate Irish traditions, Cinco de Mayo gives people a chance to recognize important Mexican-American historical figures, such as César Chávez, and to participate in special events that focus on Mexico’s savory cuisine and lively music. While Putumayo’s new CD release, Latin Party, features only one song of Mexican origin, it celebrates the festive spirit of Cinco de Mayo with spicy Latin boogaloo, Colombian cumbia, Cuban son and more. The liner notes also include two recipes, one by a noted Mexico City chef, Patricia Quintana, and one by Daisy Martinez, host of the Food Network’s Viva Daisy!
Want a taste? Try this track: Big Apple Boogaloo by Brooklyn Funk Essentials. Note: you can simply listen online using the player below, or you can “right click” to download the mp3 file.

Want more? Pick up Latin Party, now available in our stores. Want to win? By May 5th, enter a comment letting us know what music you’ll be playing for your Cinco de Mayo festivities, and we’ll choose a random winner to receive a five CD set from Putumayo’s Latin collection.




Allison Shell says ...
We'll be playing a little Maná, and a lot of Bajofondo (not Mexican, but soooooo awesome!) Would love to win the new Putumayo, too!
04/25/2010 4:15:40 PM CDT
Charlie Gillihan says ...
Ese Cinco de Mayo, escuchamos al CD de Paulina Rubio, Gran city pop
04/25/2010 5:29:19 PM CDT
Liana says ...
A friend of ours will be playing Latin music on his acustic guitar for our BBQ! Yay!
04/26/2010 6:19:37 PM CDT
Bianca says ...
I love music, all the styles, from all over the world. Let's dance !
04/26/2010 6:21:20 PM CDT
Joe Martinez says ...
Love listening to Los Lobos anyday - but especially on the 5th of May!!
04/26/2010 6:21:45 PM CDT
Anna Clifford says ...
Cinco de Mayo festivities will have a soundtrack heavy in Ozomatli and Manu Chao! Fingers crossed I can add a little Putumayo. :)
04/26/2010 6:21:50 PM CDT
Kyle R says ...
Manu Chao (Spain)!!!
04/26/2010 6:22:35 PM CDT
Sandy Nevels says ...
We will be playing Latin music of all sorts while barbequing and drinking cervezas! Good times!
04/26/2010 6:23:51 PM CDT
leann says ...
I will be playing some mariachi music and some spanish guitar music for Cinco de Mayo.
04/26/2010 6:24:15 PM CDT
Amber @Beyond Postpartum says ...
I LOVE all the putumayo cds! For 5 de Mayo I think we'll we listening to latin reggae.
04/26/2010 6:24:47 PM CDT
Joy Olaes Surprenant says ...
We are celebrating with kids and adults so we have a mix of music, but we'd love some good Latin music from Putumayo. We have a sample of Kids Putumayo music that we love and I'd love to hear more of the adult music.
04/26/2010 6:26:39 PM CDT
Sara Flynn says ...
For Cinco de Mayo, I will be going out to my favorite restaurant,, have some carne asada and margaritas, and listen to the latin music they will have playing at the restaurant-I am sure it will be live :)
04/26/2010 6:28:16 PM CDT
Kay Frier says ...
We'll be listening to Buena Vista Social Club. I know it's not Mexican, but it's just the BEST!
04/26/2010 6:31:07 PM CDT
Erin says ...
I'll be listening to my other Putumayo Mexican and Latin flavored CDs. Love, love, love Putumayo mixes.
04/26/2010 6:32:03 PM CDT
Brenda says ...
I'll turn on the radio for my Cinco de Mayo music.
04/26/2010 6:37:17 PM CDT
Brenda Earhart says ...
My problem is that I don't have any great Latin style music! Just listened to Putumayo and totally love it! Let's hope I'm the lucky winner :)
04/26/2010 6:37:51 PM CDT
Janna Bernstein says ...
Really great! Will have to buy it if I don't win it;-) Would be great for my classroom - I teach at a very diverse school with students from all over. But, it would be fun anytime.
04/26/2010 6:38:11 PM CDT
Jenny says ...
My brother's birthday is on Cinco de Mayo, and this year is his 40th. We're celebrating with a fiesta, margaritas, Bio Ritmo (a Richmond, VA group) and hopefully, some Putumayo Latin Party!
04/26/2010 6:38:44 PM CDT
Betty Jean says ...
We will be eating some good Mexican Foods! And listen to Linda Ronstadt: Canciones de mi Padre.
04/26/2010 6:39:17 PM CDT
Josie says ...
I will be playing some poncho sanchez, latin jazz baby!
04/26/2010 6:39:22 PM CDT
Rick Rodriguez says ...
I love latin music and would like to try music from Putumayo.
04/26/2010 6:40:05 PM CDT
TLC says ...
We'll be playing Mana, Tsunami (Aruba), Juan Luis Guerra, Laura Paucini, and Eros Ramazzotti....with some island music mixed in.
04/26/2010 6:40:27 PM CDT
Anna Kim says ...
I wish it was something more of a latin flair but I'm probably going to listen to a mix of indie-pop.
04/26/2010 6:41:12 PM CDT
Maria Christina says ...
Santana! :)
04/26/2010 6:42:33 PM CDT
Jackie says ...
Junior Klan!!
04/26/2010 6:42:38 PM CDT