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Lotsa Matzo

When faced with the challenge of finishing off a box or two of leftover matzo after Passover, I’ve heard of friends eating it with butter and sea salt, topping it with peanut butter and jelly and even frying it. Others take the simpler route (or some may call it the “thinking ahead” route) and let it sit on the shelf for a later . . . usually much much later date.

If you’ve bought too much matzo for the Seder meal and don’t know what 
to do with the rest, no fear — there are matzo surplus solutions.

Here are a handful of tasty solutions in which the matzo is left whole, crumbled or ground. So please don’t let those leftovers just sit on the shelf until the next holiday rolls around!

Matzo meal. A must-know trick is making matzo meal by grinding matzo using a blender or food processor. Yes, matzo meal makes more than just matzo balls. In fact, it is very versatile and can be successfully substituted in many recipes that call for breadcrumbs. (A few examples are below.)

Matzo cakes. Still have matzo, leftover brisket or lamb and hungry company at the house? Serving Cabbage and Leek Griddle Cakes solves all three problems. It makes one big cake or, for an appetizer, try goat cheese-topped mini versions.

Matzo appetizer. Make leftover matzo more appetizing in this salmon starter with arugula, ricotta and provolone cheese.

Matzo crust. The light, crunchy crust in Easy Matzo-Crusted Wild Salmon comes from brushing the fish with a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard, then pressing matzo crumbs on top before baking.

(I love when flavorful dishes are this quick and simple!)

Matzo latkes. Try adding crushed matzos and grated squash or sweet potatoes to your usual latke recipe.

Matzo brei. Savory or sweet, it’s always light and delicious. Try this Southwestern version for breakfast or a light lunch.

Chocolate-covered matzo. Dip or drizzle with melted chocolate and top with nuts, candy or dried fruits for a sweet treat.

Need a dairy-free vegan version? Check out this recipe for Chocolate-Covered Matzo Bark.

And, if you still need ideas for your Passover Seder, we've got you covered.

What’s your favorite way to use leftover matzo? We’d love to hear it.

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Candy says …

Fried catfish. Matzo meal works much better than bread crumbs.Cut each skinned/ deboned fillet into 6-8 nuggets. Make matzo meal by putting matzo into food processor. Mix with Cajun seasoning, salt to taste. Dip nuggets in milk/ egg mixture. Heat shortening until a pinch of the meal floats on top. Fry nuggets to golden brown. Mix catsup with leftover horseradish, lemon juice. Dip nuggets in sauce.

Roselle Margolis says …

Also breaking up the matzo into small pieces to make your own farfel to add to stuffing recipes or into a nice bowl of soup.

vered says …

Great suggestions! The chocolate-covered matzo bark sounds so good.

Meghan says …

Add the matzo crumbs to a veggie bean burger.