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Make Pop Hop...and Win

By Paige Brady, June 2, 2009  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady
Thanks for reading our blog. While the information in this post is still a great read, we want to make sure you know that the contest portion has ended. Hope you enjoy it anyway!
Got plans for Father's Day on June 21st? We do! We plan to give away a $100 Whole Foods Market gift card to one lucky winner. Simply post a comment below telling us how we can help make Father's Day special this year and you'll be entered to win. Need some inspiration? We asked some Whole Foods Market Dads what product recommendations they have for making Father's Day super special. Now it's your turn. Post a comment to let us know what products will put Dad's day over the top for you. Everyone who enters a comment on this post between now and June 14th will be entered to win a $100 Whole Foods Market gift card, selected by random drawing. The winner will be announced in this blog on June 16th. Good luck!




Graves De Armond says ...
The gift card would let us afford to get items for a bar b que with the family! We love Whole Foods, but our local stores aren't that local. They are all at least 15 plus miles from us. I'm on disability and my partner's been unemployed for over a year. Winning a gift card would let us do something for family that's been there for us. Thanks.
06/02/2009 2:29:59 PM CDT
jen crow says ...
someone get brad some simple sandals!
06/02/2009 2:55:42 PM CDT
M says ...
The product my dad would love (or that I would love to give him :) ) for Father's Day--a Whole Foods reusable water bottle! I've been trying for years to get him out of his bottled water habit, and I think buying him the bottle myself would be a great impetus for him to finally go green.
06/02/2009 2:58:08 PM CDT
MelodyJ says ...
My dad likes the Vanilla Cake from Whole Foods Bakery.
06/02/2009 2:58:54 PM CDT
Hannah says ...
Do his chores for him! Feed him his favorite Cheerios with Whole Foods organic bananas and blueberries while doing it!
06/02/2009 3:18:33 PM CDT
Heather White says ...
Winning a $100 gift card would definitely help my Father's Day special!
06/02/2009 3:18:53 PM CDT
joy says ...
We rarely indulge in red meat, but dad would love a big juicy free range steak from Whole Foods.
06/02/2009 3:19:00 PM CDT
Marilyn says ...
My husband loves Whole Foods! I'm not sure what would make him happier: kabobs for the grill, a really awesome wine, or some fabulous cheese. Maybe all three!
06/02/2009 3:19:56 PM CDT
Karina says ...
Have lots of bar-b-que stuff in store -- the demos outside the store never hurt either!
06/02/2009 3:23:41 PM CDT
Linda Hotton says ...
A free gelato cone for Dads would be nice - and probably make money for Whole Foods because other family members would most likely get one, too! I'll be waiting for my marketing tip payment check in the mail. (just kidding!)
06/02/2009 3:23:48 PM CDT
Alicia G says ...
Having never grown up with my father in the picture, Father's day for my family was different. Mom's are celebrated on Mother's day, but for my mom we celebrate her and what she has done for our family a second time on Father's day. Mom loves to have the family together for cook outs. A few steaks and corn on the grill, couldn't think of anything more a dad(or in my case mom) would like more!
06/02/2009 3:23:59 PM CDT
Gary Jerome says ...
Your products that will put this Father's Day over the top this year with me and my dad is definitely your soups and pizza. I'll be with my dad at your Columbus, OH store (which ..by the way is pretty dern cool) We love to spend hours in your store.... Thanks y'all.... Gary
06/02/2009 3:26:32 PM CDT
Melanie Caines says ...
Wow..he is from the islands and our Whole Foods has Oxtail and curry chicken that he absolutely loves! He is in the military and I am living in an apt until he comes back from Kuwait and he has already said when we buy a house it has to be close to Whole Foods. So I think we would use it to buy him a nice island dinner when he comes home. He loves the BBQ as well. I also buy him a lot of supplements from Whole Foods as well.
06/02/2009 3:27:23 PM CDT
Lisa says ...
I could get some good meat for my husband to grill for my FIL. He loves grilled food.
06/02/2009 3:28:43 PM CDT
Julie says ...
His favorite thing is to go shopping on Sunday and reward himself afterwards with a yummy treat from your BBQ outside.
06/02/2009 3:29:29 PM CDT
Megan says ...
My dad loves to cook with me. Oftentimes, what he wants to cook uses ingredients only found in a specialty store like Whole Foods. If I know he is looking for something and I go to Whole Foods, I will buy what he is looking for; the last time I did this he was looking for raw peanuts. It took a couple tries due to the peanut recall, but I eventually found them and he was able to make the recipe he wanted to! I know and trust Whole Foods and I know that if these ingredients aren't purchased at Whole Foods, my dad will buy them off the internet. Then who knows where they're coming from? It's great to have such a wonderful store in which my dad and I can buy ingredients we can trust.
06/02/2009 3:32:51 PM CDT
Max says ...
My father has always been keen on getting groceries at Whole Foods when I switched to an all natural diet. I would love to be able to contribute a $100 towards his purchases!
06/02/2009 3:33:22 PM CDT
Lauren Holwell says ...
Everyone is big on wine pairing however my father is more of a beer drinker. I think it would be great to do beer pairing with bar-b-que ideas.
06/02/2009 3:33:46 PM CDT
Breanne says ...
Would love to do a bbq for hubby and dad.
06/02/2009 3:34:05 PM CDT
nicole wrona says ...
My husband has been "MR. MOM" for the past year, (because of a job loss) He has already won the father of the year in my book. :-) And with two kids, two rescued pups, and myself it gets quite busy around here. He helped me, with all the "mule work" as he calls it, to get the soil ready for our garden. THAT is going to help us a great deal this summer, (and so would a gift from whole foods???) Thank you for making the shopping world a "whole" lot greener! Peace.
06/02/2009 3:37:20 PM CDT
Jason Nagata says ...
My dad is the greatest, I want to fix him a great healthy meal
06/02/2009 3:37:57 PM CDT
Danielle says ...
My father loves to grill and with $100 we could be some great free range steaks, along with some tasty shrimp and scallops for our non-red eat meaters. For our vegetarians would could get some portobellos to to be grilled with organically grown red peppers. Grilled sweet potatos would great as well. Yum! And we wouldn't forget the fresh fruit and a locally made cake from the bakery!
06/02/2009 3:40:32 PM CDT
Emily Faulkner says ...
My husband loves to grill fresh food from Whole Foods on summer days, and as a Daddy to two little ones he is happy to fill their tummies with wholesome goodness.
06/02/2009 3:40:53 PM CDT
Julie Centeno says ...
My hubbie would love some healthy steaks and fixin's from Whole foods. We recently switched to organic eating and just started shopping at Whole Foods. It's a bit more expensive, but worth it!
06/02/2009 3:41:22 PM CDT
David Rice says ...
How to make Father's Day special this year? How about a 4:00 PM workshop from Russell on the different cuts of beef, where they come from (anatomically speaking,) what each is best used for, and how to grill perfect steaks. All discussed over an ICE-cold FIreman's Four from the tap. I'd be there and buy a few pounds of porterhouse. Time would be perfect to get home and get to work grilling.
06/02/2009 3:42:25 PM CDT