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Michigan Turkey Producers

With the biggest turkey cooking event of the year right around the corner, this seems like the perfect time to introduce you to some of the local farmers who raise the turkeys we provide for your Thanksgiving dinner. Here's one that supplies stores in our Midwest region:

Michigan Turkey

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Not a large conglomerate, Michigan Turkey works strictly with farms in west Michigan – within 25 miles of the plant. All the farms are dedicated to the same goal – a fresh product that people can trust. They get an order every week and fill it every week – only three days from when they produce the product to it being ready to sell. This leads to the freshest, highest quality turkeys around. While Michigan Turkey may not be available in your local Whole Foods Market store, you can ask your local meat team members about where your turkey comes from. And come back to the blog; we'll be sharing more profiles on our local turkey producers. Check out our Holidays 2010 web pages for ideas on cooking, carving and what to serve with your delicious turkey this year.