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More on the Teens Turning Green Collection

By Teens Turning Green, September 12, 2008  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Teens Turning Green
Hi!  My name is Hannah and I am a member of Teens for Safe Cosmetics: New York. Each September, I look forward to the start of the new school year; but this September, all I can think about is the “Teens Turning Green” collection.  In just a few weeks, this fabulous line of products will be available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide! The girls of Teens for Safe Cosmetics, myself included, cannot wait to walk into the Whole Body section of our local Whole Foods Market and see this amazing collection sitting on the shelves.  The collection is something I have always wanted: a line of products made from safe and healthy ingredients, formulated for teens!  And not just for any teen, but a teen turning green!  I think that becoming an educated consumer is a key aspect of turning one’s life green, and by learning about these wonderful products you are doing just that.
Last week Mattie told you about the Depth Sea Foam Cleanser, the Pomega 5 Pomegranate Cleansing Bar, and the Sunstar Purifying Mask.  This week I’ll be telling you about Benedetta’s Sassy Sacred Soap and Terra Naturals Sport Deodorant, two products I cannot live without. Most conventional soaps are made with synthetic chemicals and unnatural scents, which are unhealthy for you and the environment.  The soap featured in the “Teens Turning Green” collection, however, is one of the cleanest on the market.  I can say from my own experience, that Benedetta’s Sassy Sacred Soap is amazing and there is nothing like it.  It does not contain any synthetic or chemically processed ingredients; only fresh organic and biodynamic ingredients that leave your skin feeling clean, healthy and smooth, no matter what your skin type.  It contains Fair Trade Shea butter which will make your skin feel so soft, yet totally moisturized – and I mean feeling actually moisturized for the whole day, not just temporarily after you use it!  That is why I highly recommend using it for shaving because it keeps your skin feeling silky smooth, even after you shave.  Benedetta’s Sassy Sacred Soap also smells amazing because it contains essentials oils of lemon and rosemary, which give the soap an invigorating yet calming scent.  Even the bottle it comes in is worth praising, because it comes in a leach-free, recycled plastic foamer that efficiently uses the contents of the bottle.  And of course, the foamer gives the soap a mousse-like texture, which makes Benedetta’s Sassy Sacred Soap all the more fun to use.  This one-of-a-kind golden colored soap complements its equally unique name and I hope you will love it as much as I do! Another necessity that I use in my daily routine is deodorant.  Deodorant is a concern for many teens, especially during warmer weather or during athletic practices.  But the underarm area is very delicate because it is located right next to your lymphatic system, a direct connection to your immune system.  Therefore it is important to know exactly what ingredients you are putting on your skin and how they could be potentially harmful to your body.  The teens of Teens for Safe Cosmetics have tried many deodorants, and Terra Naturals Sport Deodorant met our own standards as well as the standards of Whole Foods Premium Body Care – test it for yourself!  In just a few weeks, Terra Naturals Deodorant will be making its debut in the “Teens Turning Green” collection.  By using this deodorant, you can be sure that you will not have to sacrifice your health for smelling good!  Terra Naturals has formulated a deodorant specifically for teens, using only the finest of organic ingredients, that targets body odor naturally, without clogging your underarm pores with harmful synthetic chemicals, parabens or aluminum.  Sweating is a natural process, but by using this lightly scented deodorant you can feel confident (because you won’t smell!) that it is safe for you and the environment. If you’re going to use these kinds of products anyway, why not use greener and healthier alternatives?  Check out the “Teens Turning Green” collection, coming to a Whole Foods Market near you, in just a few weeks!




Kelsey says ...
I can't wait for the teens going green collection!! Thanks for alerting me to this great company, idea and furthermore great products. I'm constantly looking for a great organic/natural makeup that doesn't feel chalky or look awful - I can't wait to see what this collection brings! The deodorant sounds heavenly lol! I use Tom's of Maine long lasting deodorant right now, but I still can smell me after being in PE. I'm so excited to try the new one! Can't wait to go grocery shopping now!
09/12/2008 11:43:01 PM CDT
Maggie Macaulay says ...
This is terrific! I will include a link to Teens Turning Green in the next issue of Parenting News, a weekly e-zine published by the International Network for Children and Families. We'll let parents know about the blog.
09/15/2008 8:32:18 AM CDT
Catherine says ...
I wish there was a Whole Foods closer to me!! What about a line of products for those of us in our 40's?? :)
09/15/2008 10:08:03 AM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@Catherine Stay tuned for our October Whole Body podcasts on Healthy Aging. Also, we carry many body care products and supplements that are designed for healthy aging. One of Mara's favorites is the Vit C line from Avalon Organics.
09/15/2008 3:01:21 PM CDT
Mattie says ...
Hi Whole Food Blog Readers, Mattie here--I posted last week for Teens Turning Green here on the Whole Foods Market Blog and I just wanted to let you all know that the Teens Turning Green Collection is officially in Whole Foods! So race to the nearest Whole Foods and get your hands on these products. I truly love them and I'm sure you will too.
09/16/2008 11:03:08 PM CDT
20 something turning green says ...
Who says those of us in our late 20's can't use this collection? I picked up the deodorant yesterday from Whole Foods, and today's the first day I'm using it. I have tried literally ALL the other natural deos out there, and have not had much luck. So far this one is working great! Once summer rolls around again I'll have to see if it still holds up, but so far so good!
09/17/2008 4:37:01 PM CDT
Winnie says ...
wow! That's good news. Are they available in Canada's wholefood or Capers yet? I can't wait to try them!
09/24/2008 1:24:25 AM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@Winnie Not yet, but they're working on getting a distributor for Canada.
09/24/2008 11:54:23 AM CDT
mayra says ...
hey great products!! but i was wondering does whole foods also provide products for men??
11/19/2008 1:01:38 AM CST
hsiaw says ...
@mayra We provide products tailored for men as well in our Whole Body department. Just as a Whole Body Team Member for assistance!
11/19/2008 10:58:35 AM CST