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Our Cherries Are The Bomb!

Even though I’ve worked at Whole Foods Market for over a decade, and been a loyal shopper for even longer, I am still constantly impressed with and amazed by the consistently stellar quality of our produce. Nowhere is that quality more apparent than with those tasty summer jewels: cherries. Right now, cherries are at their absolute peak of deliciousness (trust me: I can’t stop eating them), so you should DEFINITELY pick some up to enjoy the next time you’re in the store. But we thought you might also enjoy knowing just how much care and effort goes into sourcing and selecting our cherries before they make it into your (reusable) shopping bag.

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Sharon Baker says …

I wish you would make some smaller bags of cherries. What was in my Plano store would have cost $12 for the pre packaged bags. I can't spend that much on cherries, but would spend $6 on a bag half as big. Thanks.

Erika - In Erika's Kitchen says …

There is nothing better than local cherries! We went to Leona Valley last weekend (near Palmdale, in southern California) and picked 32 POUNDS of cherries. As you can imagine, it's been all cherry pie, cherry smoothies, cherry muffins, etc. for the past few days. If you need cherry recipe ideas, here are a few: Yellow cherry pie: http://www.inerikaskitchen.com/2010/06/rainier-cherry-pie-on-good-food-blog.html Cherry galette (single-crust pie): http://www.inerikaskitchen.com/2010/06/cherry-pie-recipe-for-fathers-day-or.html Spring salad with cherries and goat cheese: http://www.inerikaskitchen.com/2010/06/spring-salad-with-cherries-and-goat.html Enjoy!

David Franklin says …

Are you guys doing another sale on cherries?

Lisa Mahoney says …

Good question from David, one day sale on cherries was June 18th, but this email came today. Would love to buy cherries on sale. TY :)