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Part 1: Straight to the Heart

By Chris Jensen, February 9, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Chris Jensen

How can you lower your risk of cardiovascular disease? Why is chronic inflammation often the heart of the matter? Get answers to these questions and more as you learn about specific nutrients, food and daily habits to help keep your heart healthy. Malia Curran, MS, MPH is a nutrition consultant and speaker, and sees clients in the Boston region.




Fair Trade says ...
Great podcast and I'm pleased that somebody in the US isn't advocating the use of aspirin as a preventative measure... here in the UK the evidence is clear - taking aspirin daily has/can have side effects which outweigh the potential benefits.
02/09/2010 6:24:05 AM CST
Mary http://www.mygreendiet.com says ...
You can absolutely lower heart disease risk through diet! My mom was able to lower her high cholesterol to "IDEAL level" through eating "the Green Diet". She doesn't have to take medication at all.
02/09/2010 1:45:25 PM CST
Laura F says ...
Thanks for more great info. It's up to every individual to try and remain healthy. Not just wait for treatment when we get sick.
02/10/2010 4:53:14 PM CST