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Angel Funk says ...
Thanks for the great information! I'm here via mandyray.blogspot.com
03/29/2009 1:39:49 PM CDT
Pam says ...
Very informative website. We are new grandparents so I've been surfing the web for all kinds of info since my baby is now 28 and things are so differnt now.
03/29/2009 1:48:36 PM CDT
Marcy Strahan says ...
My niece is pg & I have bben buy her books on this subject! Thanks for all the wonderful. Sound therapy is important too! I bought the the Zenses Rainforset for Nintendo DS so she could use it to relax. I also downloaded all the soundtracks for Rainfroset & Ocean Zenses for her! I enjoy them myself too & it seems to calm the kids. I love the info about things that go on the body can get into the body/bloodstream. I completely agree! I got her some orangic body lotion & bath scrub too. Thanks
03/30/2009 5:26:44 PM CDT
Amy L says ...
I did my best to go natural... even after!
03/30/2009 8:35:03 PM CDT
Rachel C says ...
Great advice! I am so thankful for prenatal vitamins, because I know that I don't eat everything I should right now (currently pregnant). I took prenatals for at least a year before this pregnancy, because of infertility problems. But it's always felt good - like I'm doing something for the baby, even before I was pregnant! Thanks so much!
03/31/2009 11:17:35 AM CDT
Dionne says ...
Please go easy on the ginger. In high amounts it can be dangerous during pregnancy. Sip until you get relief for that nausea. If a cup doesn't do it, be mindful to be careful. Try avoiding liquids while eating (i.e. drink your liquids 20-30 minutes before or after eating your meal). Don't let your tummy get empty by eating more tiny meals. Happy babies to all!!!
07/20/2009 3:22:18 PM CDT
lisbeth says ...
My daughter is 3mths. pregnant,and she was just diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. What natural remedy do you recommend to avoid or make it easier?i know herd about Ginger.Can you give me any tips and recommendations ?I'll really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
11/17/2014 10:19:54 AM CST
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@LISBETH - I would suggest checking with her health care professional to find out their suggestions and any time you add something new to your diet.
11/17/2014 11:26:22 AM CST