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Prosperity Campaign: Changing the World Together

A huge shout out goes to everyone who supported the Whole Planet Foundation's 2009 Prosperity Campaign. Thanks to the generosity of shoppers and team members, over $1.8 million was donated - 100% of which goes to microlending programs! (Remember, Whole Foods Market covers all operating expenses of Whole Planet Foundation).

Our Team Members put lots of energy into sharing information about Whole Planet Foundation with our customers. As an incentive and reward for all of their hard work, several Team Members were treated to a trip to Guatemala where they met local participants and experienced the power of microcredit firsthand. (Trips paid for by Whole Foods Market - not on the dime of the Foundation!).

Here's a video that takes us along on a bit of their journey.

Whole Planet Foundation Prosperity Campaign

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Whole Planet Foundation is funding microcredit in 15 communities around the globe that supply products to Whole Foods Market, including Bolivia, Costa Rica, East Timor, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Nicaragua, Thailand, Peru and the United States. Over $6 million in Whole Planet Foundation microloans has been disbursed through implementing partners to more than 50,000 poor women, with a repayment rate of 97%, enabling them to create or expand small home-based businesses and lift themselves out of poverty.

Stay tuned for information on our 2010 Prosperity Campaign - beginning in February.