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Putumayo's Latest: Instrumental Dreamland

By Paige Brady, March 2, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady

Congratulations to our winner, Susan C. from New York, and thanks to everyone who entered!

Are your kids ready for bed?

Quite a number of years ago, I started putting my daughter to bed listening to various Dreamland CDs from Putumayo Kids. I always enjoyed listening along with her as we wound down the evening.

At almost 14 years old, she still listens to a Dreamland CD every night. Enter Instrumental Dreamland, a collection of soothing tunes for relaxation and bedtime. The first all-instrumental album from the label, it’s the 6th release in the award-winning, best-selling Dreamland series, which has long helped parents around the world ease their children to sleep. The colorful CD package features informative child-friendly notes about the origin of the music and featured artists, as well as Nicola Heindl’s distinctive artwork.

Here’s how Putumayo describes it:

Instrumental Dreamland features exceptional renditions of such classics as “Brahms’ Lullaby,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “What a Wonderful World.” We scoured the world for music that incorporates relaxing instruments such as the harp, piano, acoustic guitar and kora. Artists include Malian griot and kora master Balla Tounkara, Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, Brazilian guitarist Reginaldo Frazatto, Jr., Irish multi-instrumentalist Seamus Egan and American pianist Michael Allen Harrison.

The selections were chosen for their calming effect and appeal to children and adults alike. An instrumental lullaby CD has been the most requested children’s album since we began the label.

Instrumental Dreamland is available in most Whole Foods Market stores now.

What’s your favorite music for you, with or without kids, to wind down to? Let us know in the comments below for a chance to win a 6-CD set from Putumayo’s Dreamland series.

Comment by March 21st for a chance to win. We’ll choose one comment at random to receive the CDs.

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rena cuno says ...
What a wonderful piece of work! My 3 month old grandson and my very active 5 year old granddaughter are calmed by the music. I would love to win and share all the music with them. Its a great bonding experience and gives their mommy and daddy a break too. :)
03/02/2012 9:04:34 AM CST
kara rane says ...
I LOVE music*! peaceful & happy--> Chiya Barima Nepali folk fusion by Binod Katuwal thank You~
03/02/2012 2:43:52 PM CST
Erin says ...
I'd love to listen to this to help ME fall asleep!
03/02/2012 5:16:58 PM CST
Carrie says ...
We love instrumental lullabies and classics with children's musical sounds like baby Einstein. World music is great and I've been a long time fan of it including putamayo.
03/02/2012 5:25:14 PM CST
Melody says ...
I would love to win this for my 9-month-old!
03/02/2012 6:10:08 PM CST
Kaye says ...
Putomayo kids music is awesome!!! wrote would be great to listen to this new CD to slow me down with my 6 year old daughter, 3 year old son and 1 month old baby boy! =)
03/02/2012 8:03:00 PM CST
Gail Hradek says ...
I've been searching for a CD that would be relaxing and soothing. I love classical music but it doesn't always work well for drifting off to sleep. This sounds wonderful!
03/02/2012 8:43:12 PM CST
Lisa says ...
My favorite is "Eagle Dances with the Wind" by the duo Red Tail Chasing Hawks. It's beautiful and relaxing, and it seems to help calm the children down too.
03/03/2012 10:06:27 PM CST
Janet Cazares says ...
I have been searching Pandora for different stations that will help my children fall asleep easily at night when I leave the house. I am a single mother of four children and I work nights. Each night I pray with them and over them and I have BEEN playing a beautiful collection of songs on a CD titled "Sing Over Me: Worship Songs and Lullabies". It's my favorite time of the night and I LOVE listening to it with them. As I mentioned, however, I am always on the lookout for new music for this purpose as well as for giving to friends or family expecting a new baby!
03/04/2012 4:35:01 AM CST
Nithya Satyaswaroopan says ...
My favorite track is Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess and Ananda. It's incredibly soothing and healing on a deep soul level. It's a 21 minute love and gratitude chant to the Divine Mother in all of her forms and expressions. The vocals are by Ananda who has an amazing, etheral voice that can melt just about anyone. I highly recommend taking a listen to yourself! Love and blessings to all.
03/04/2012 3:03:52 PM CST
Liberty says ...
I myself listen to Putomayo Cd's and have quite a collection going, I have heard the Dreamland CD and love it as much as the ones I listen to. My niece calms down when it's her CD and when I play my collection she is always dancing around.
03/06/2012 1:05:51 PM CST
Kerry says ...
These are great! I would love to win this. My favorite CD right now for our pending baby (due so soon!) is "The Planet Sleeps." It's an amazing collection of lullabies from around the world. It's been playing every time I go into the nursery to get things ready. It makes me so excited!
03/07/2012 11:13:29 AM CST
Teresa says ...
Right now this minute I'm listening to the sound track of 'Chocolat' with a glass of wine and I'm loving it. :)
03/07/2012 3:38:06 PM CST
Sherry Klein says ...
Peter Calo "Peaceful Easy Feeling" CD An instrumental tribute to the music of The Eagles with guitar, strings, sax and more... It puts my two grandchildren and me to sleep :)
03/07/2012 3:50:35 PM CST
Carol Cyr says ...
I have a 41/2 yr old hyer active grandaughter who resides with her Pa and myself so music is so important to calm her and myself. Thanks So So Much Carol Cyr
03/07/2012 5:41:02 PM CST
peter says ...
Dreamlike wintery christmas style instrumental music that make you feel like you are in a magical land.
03/07/2012 8:37:38 PM CST
Kristen Connor says ...
My 3 yr old has a teddy bear that plays an MP3 player; complete with speakers in the feet. His bedtime playlist includes classical music and Enya. Music is a great way to get him to relax and get ready for bed.
03/08/2012 1:50:31 AM CST
Maggie says ...
I can't wait to pick this up! Hoping it will help my toddlers bedtime routine :) Fingers crossed!!
03/08/2012 9:30:39 AM CST
Nicole says ...
I absolutely love the apps New Age Piano and James Cahall. I rested my iPad up against my stomach throughout my whole pregnancy and my son recognized the beautiful melodies as soon as he was born! Now 8 months later, you can still see his whole body relax as soon as I turn the music on! I am an elementary music teacher and it almost seems to put a spell on my classes at school as well! These CDs would give me a chance to share more beautiful music with hundreds of children everyday!
03/08/2012 11:06:14 AM CST
Bets says ...
My kids love to be read to before bed.
03/08/2012 2:59:21 PM CST
Birdie Skolfield says ...
I love Kenny G anything by him makes me float away to dreamland
03/08/2012 3:48:10 PM CST
Katherine says ...
The 3rd movement of Beethoven's String Quartet, op. 132. Most gorgeous, soothing thing, ever!
03/08/2012 3:48:27 PM CST
Melissa Pope says ...
My 3 yr old loves new age music and classical strings. Specifically Enigma and Enya for new age and Mozart for classical.
03/08/2012 3:48:58 PM CST
Mark Islam says ...
Linda Ronstadt's Dedicated To The One I Love, a collection of pop songs done as lullabies. And Nicolette Larson's Sleep Baby Sleep. PICK ME!!!!!
03/08/2012 3:53:53 PM CST
Val says ...
My little one goes to sleep peacefully listening to ... Led Zeppelin. Go figure!
03/08/2012 3:59:06 PM CST