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Resolution: Reuse

Pick up a newspaper, open a magazine or log on to the internet and everywhere people are talking about ways to “go green in 2009.” Yeah! The more the merrier. A simple way to get all of your friends and family involved in saving our planet is by reusing shopping bags. If you are like me, you visited a relative (who will remain unnamed) over the holidays who doesn’t recycle or reuse anything. Felt like the dark ages! It’s time to introduce them to A Better Bag! Made from a special fabric woven from recycled PET pellets (from #1 plastic bottles) and coated through a new, innovative process, A Better Bag is 10 times stronger and will last longer than any reusable non-cotton bag previously available — estimated to replace about 1,000 single-use plastic bags over its lifetime. At only 99 cents for the large bags and 79 cents for the lunch-size, A Better Bag makes keeping a resolution to love your environment almost too easy! Little known fact: The lunch-size bags were specifically designed to fit a prepared food container flat in the bottom. Awesome!! These bags bring new meaning to the phrase “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” A Better Bag reduces future plastic consumption by creating a unique reusable shopping bag made from post consumer recycled plastic water bottles. Don’t forget to reuse bags for all of your shopping – not just at the grocery store!