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Root Soda Done Right

I love working with family-owned businesses, especially those that truly believe in what they do. Maine Root Soda Company, based right here in Austin, TX, is one of those companies. Brothers, Matt and Mark Seiler, started a company that not only provides great quality products, but it has a conscious too. Maine Root Soda Company uses ethically sourced sugar from Paraguay in all of their sodas. In fact, Maine Root Soda Company was the first soda company to use exclusively ethically-certified sugar. All of the sugar cane comes from a biodiverse farm co-op and is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizer. All weeding is done by hand, thereby eliminating the use of chemical herbicides. It's hot here in Austin, so a nice cold beverage is a must. I love their Root Beer and Ginger Beer Soda. The Ginger Beer is nice and spicy. So, grab a Maine Root Soda the next time you need a nice cold, refreshing soda, and be reassured that these brothers are doing the right thing! (Not everyone reading this will be able to find Maine Root Soda in their local Whole Foods Market but they are expanding. Look for them now throughout the Southwest, North Atlantic, Northeast, and South regions.) Oh yeah, Maine Root Soda is part of our Whole Trade Guarantee program, so in addition to the great work that they do, we donate 1% of sales on their products to do more great work through our Whole Planet Foundation. Check out the Maine Root website to learn more about Matt and Mark's great story.