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Save Money with a Kid-Friendly Party for the Planet

Earth Month offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate our planet and create awareness about how we can all help save it by protecting the environment. What better way to lead the way than throwing a kid-friendly party for the planet? The March/April issue of The Whole Deal value guide is overflowing with spring savings, Earth-friendly ideas and party-perfect recipes that are festive as well as easy on the pocketbook. In addition, you can find plenty of money-saving tips for Spring celebrations including a kid-friendly salute to Mother Earth. Earth Month encourages everyone to reduce, reuse, recycle and in this party plan, we’re adding two more elements: rethink and redesign. Reduce waste by serving foods that don’t require plates and cutlery. Finger foods are fun and kid friendly and there’s just no need to provide disposables that could end up in the landfill. Besides, kids don’t want to sit still that long at a party anyway. Some of our favorites featured in the March/April issue of The Whole Deal include Irish Cheddar Potato Bites and Organic Strawberries and Cream Cookies. Reuse decorations from other events, or make some using household items. Avoid buying decorations like streamers and balloons that will get trashed after your party. Turn trash into treasure and use milk jugs, grocery bags, aluminum cans and other recyclables to create sculptures that can be used as centerpieces. Choose cloth napkins rather than paper napkins and use old maps, newspapers or magazines to create earth-friendly placemats. Recycle everything! Big beverage bottles offer big savings over single-serving bottles. Set up plenty of recycling bins for paper, plastic and aluminum waste instead of general trash cans. Don’t forget to compost kitchen waste! Rethink party games and prizes. Kids are experts at recycling these days. Make a game of sorting and give the winners homemade Earth Hero capes or caps. Redesign the arts and crafts table with fresh ideas you can find featured on our Whole Story blog throughout April. Let the kids make their own party favors by creating a compact herb garden planted in a can from your recycling bin. Follow these easy instructions to get the kids gardening and recycling all at once. To learn more about what we’re doing and what others are doing to help the Earth, check out our Green Mission page and our Happy Earth Month! blog. We know you’ll enjoy your Earth Month party and so will Mother Earth! Let us know your creative ideas for money-saving and Earth-friendly party tips. Happy Earth Month!

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Cherry says …

The strawberries and cream cookies look delicious!

Laura says …

It would be wonderful if Whole Foods stores (especially the one in Princeton, NJ) could actually offer kids' birthday party cooking classes on occasional weekends! So many outfits, such as gyms, do a big business on commercial birthday parties in a loud and PVC-rich, non-environmentally friendly environment, serving up the usual juice boxes, pizza, and overly sweet cakes (iced with artificial colors and trans-fats) on bleached, tree-pulp paper plates and plastic tablecloths. I try not to take my kids to such parties, but they are everywhere. Whole Foods stores could provide a great planet-friendly alternative for those who choose to host a birthday party outside the home.

Christin says …

Loved this article and posted a link from my blog to it! I am looking forward to having my own Earth Day Extravaganza!!! We plan on doing family friendly relays and outdoor games with young vegetable or fruit plants as prizes that will be planted in our raised bed.