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Seder Solutions for Passover

By Elizabeth Leader Smith, March 25, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Elizabeth Leader Smith

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your standards to put traditional favorites on your Passover table. Nor should you have to forgo meeting the dietary needs of anyone around the holiday table.

That’s why our grocery buyers work hand in hand with our vendor partners to develop great tasting kosher products that also meet our strict quality standards.

These standards mean there are no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners or hydrogenated fats in the foods we carry in our stores.

You’ll find plenty of must-have kosher-for-Passover selections in our grocery aisles.

Here’s a sample of what’s in-store for you:

  • Organic whole wheat matzo, matzo meal, matzo farfel and cake meal. Thanks to Aviv, a 120-year-old traditional matzo producer in Israel, you’ll have lotsa organic matzo options.
  • Organic grape juice. As an essential part of the Passover Seder, Avvio’s organic grape juice is made just for Whole Foods Market® from a special harvest of organic grapes.
  • Macaroons. Delicately sweet and crisp, Glick's macaroons are offered in chocolate, chocolate chip and coconut varieties.
  • Gluten-free, organic matzo. Our partner Yehuda is watching out for everyone’s needs at your holiday table.


Here are some more products that can help make your meal this holiday:

  • Whole wheat or spelt matzo
  • Organic kosher apple sauce with no sugar added
  • Organic kosher chicken broth
  • Z’roah (lamb shank bones) – offered free of charge

Select stores will also carry poultry options from Kosher Valley, including fresh and frozen whole young turkeys and chickens, as well as freshly ground chicken and turkey options, all certified by the Orthodox Union and the K'hal Adath Jeshurun.

As with all of our meats, these birds are raised on a vegetarian diet without antibiotics or added hormones. (Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in raising poultry.) In addition, all of our chicken suppliers are rated according to Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating standards. Kosher-for-Passover chickens and turkeys from various brands are available at all of our stores.

This is just a sampling of the Passover foods available in many of our stores.

Contact your local Whole Foods Market to learn more about their specific selection of kosher offerings and how they can help you with your special meal.

What will be on your table Passover week?

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Luv What You Do says ...
Last year, I made a whole bunch of kosher for passover sweets that all made the cut for this year, especially the Date and Almond Truffles. I found most of the ingredients at WF actually. New this year will be home made matza toffee...I can't wait!
03/25/2012 8:50:10 AM CDT
vered says ...
It's wonderful to have all these products/ingredients available! As for macaroons, I like to make my own version, using unsweetened coconut that I'm pretty sure I bought at Whole Foods.
03/26/2012 2:41:42 PM CDT
vered says ...
Oops - It looks like I forgot, yet again, to include the link to my famous coconut macaroons recipe! Here it is: http://healthyrecipesblogs.com/2012/03/26/coconut-macaroons/
03/27/2012 1:15:23 PM CDT
Judith says ...
Kosher does not necessarily mean healthy. Sugar is kosher, sugar also kills.
03/27/2012 4:00:30 PM CDT
Barbara S says ...
I always do a brisket with paprika and cinnamon, just a little. I know I can get what I need at Whole Foods. Plus I'll do my cranberry-coconut macaroons.
03/28/2012 5:34:05 PM CDT
LeeAnn Inman says ...
I'm a United Methodist pastor who celebrates the sensitivity of Whole Foods to the Jewish community at this holy time of the year. Many thanks for providing good food that sustains us all, body and soul!
03/28/2012 5:53:05 PM CDT
kayla says ...
Thank you to Whole Foods for having high quality Passover products available
03/28/2012 5:56:32 PM CDT
Nancy Shaw says ...
I'm looking for a tasty vegetarian soup recipe with matzoh balls that can serve as an alternative to the traditional chicken soup with matzoh balls for Passover.
03/28/2012 6:15:25 PM CDT
Linda S. Steinberg says ...
Thanks so much Whole Foods for having these options for Passover, and also the Gluten Free Matzo. Thanks a million times for that. Yea! for Whole Foods.
03/28/2012 6:17:45 PM CDT
Rochelle says ...
Thank you Whole Foods for making my seder preparations just a little easier this year ! I already have your organic chicken livers in my freezer , and my brisket is keeping it company, all ready for its final glaze. Just knowing that I will be able to leave my Whole Foods Yoga class on Friday with a free lamb shank bone fills me with gratitude;-) Rochelle
03/28/2012 6:19:47 PM CDT
Don says ...
Hey how'bout the high quality Kosher lamb?? Any of that gonna be available? Or is your lamb only halal?? So I wonder about the Z’roah as well? Shalom!
03/28/2012 7:17:23 PM CDT
Tu Amiga says ...
Thank you so much for having a good selection of Passover products. We drove 40 minutes last night to get to your store for the matzah we love -- Yehuda from Israel. We greatly appreciate it. Nashville, TN
03/28/2012 8:29:47 PM CDT
Lynley says ...
This is awesome :D woo-hoo!
03/28/2012 9:52:20 PM CDT
Rita says ...
Kosher foods are those that conform to the regulations of the Jewish Halakhic law framework, kosher meaning fit or allowed to be eaten. Thank you Whole Foods for having such quality goods in your store especially for passover.
03/29/2012 8:52:54 AM CDT
Paula says ...
I'd love a passover meal prepared. I am a christian wanting to participate in passover.
03/29/2012 9:40:26 AM CDT
Megan says ...
@Nancy Try our <a href="http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/473" rel="nofollow">Roasted Root Vegetable Matzo Ball Soup</a> or <a href="http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/399" rel="nofollow">Roasted Garlic Matzo Ball Soup</a>.
03/29/2012 11:06:43 AM CDT
jeffrey weinstein says ...
Passover provisions need to be separated by paper on all counters and displays they are shelved on. it is a serious violation of kasruth to have kosher for Passover food items shelved on displays that normally shelve non-kosher and even regular kosher food that do not have some material covering the shelves/displays. The last time i was at the arroyo store i mentioned this issue to a clerk; he looked at me as if i was crazy. you need to address this issue at all your stores that display kosher for Passover food provisions
03/29/2012 3:58:33 PM CDT
Megan says ...
@Don I reached out to our Meat Team and here is their response: "We will not be offering Kosher Lamb at all. We require all our animals to be stunned before slaughter. The only Kosher protein we offer is chicken." Thank you for your question!
03/29/2012 4:35:52 PM CDT
Lindsey says ...
Megan, can you clarify whether or not kosher turkey is being offered, as the blog post states? And whether or not the chicken (and possibly turkey) is stunned prior to slaughter? Thanks! I'm so excited about all of these Passover offerings! :)
03/29/2012 8:45:14 PM CDT
Megan says ...
@Jeffrey Thank you for your comment! I'm passing it along to our Customer Questions team to make sure this gets addressed.
03/30/2012 9:24:51 AM CDT
Cheryl Kasson says ...
@Jeffrey and Megan: My Whole Foods Market in Lakewood, CO has a good selection of Passover foods on separate shelves covered with paper. Somebody at the Belmar store appears to know what they were doing. Thanks!
04/01/2012 12:58:43 PM CDT
Sharon says ...
You have a wonderful selection, but I'm also looking for Schmura matzos- do any of your L.A. area stores carry this?
04/04/2012 3:41:04 PM CDT
Megan says ...
@Sharon You'd have to contact your store directly. Which location in LA do you shop at? I can forward your question to the team there.
04/05/2012 9:01:56 AM CDT
Megan says ...
@Lindsey We offer kosher turkey (and chicken) from Kosher Valley, which are prepackaged and have the certification on the package label. The chicken and turkey sold fresh from behind the meat counter is not Kosher, but your local butchers should be able to direct you to where the Kosher poultry is. Kosher Valley poultry is not stunned before slaughter. I hope that helps!
04/05/2012 9:11:04 AM CDT
sharon says ...
There is not a Whole Foods convienent for me to shop in. I have never made the Passover Seder in my home, this will be my first time and I am disgusted by the lack of Jewish products available in my local Safeway and Bel Air. I am having to travel to Whole Foods to purchase products that should be readily available in my neighborhood. Im appaled by the discrimination and may just start shopping at Whole Foods for all my needs.
04/05/2012 2:32:59 PM CDT