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Lynn says ...
My dad makes the best homemade philly cheese steak around. He uses hoagie steaks, button mushrooms, garden fresh onions and green peppers; cooking everything in an electric skillet at about 300 to 350 degrees. He usually buys two kinds of cheeses; mozzarella and provolone slices for when he spoons the steak mixture on a pre-sliced hoagie bun. The heat from the steak melts the cheeses together. It's so good! Of course, he's a great cook all around and just doesn't have one "best" recipe.
04/09/2009 10:28:45 AM CDT
Sarah says ...
My dad doesn't cook very much but he BAKES amazing cookies. He's been making them since i was little tweaking the recipe that was originally on the back of the Tollhouse Chocolate Chips bag. Now they are his own masterpiece with three different types of supreme dark chocolate. He calls them "chocos" and purchases a lot of his different chocolate and baking foods at WF of course. I have eaten the dough for as long as I can remember and whenever I walk in my house and smell them baking, I am immediately smiling.
04/09/2009 10:29:49 AM CDT
djtruju says ...
My Dad's best i would say is his BBQ Ribs and el Puerco al Horno (Roasted Pig), cooked in a homemade outdoor oven/grill hybrid. He usually will cook 2-3 pigs a year, starting up around SuperBowl time. It's great a backyard pig pickin' North Carolina Style in Texas.
04/09/2009 10:31:35 AM CDT
Kimkins4Me says ...
My dad's masterpiece was Thanksgiving turkey and sage stuffing. It was an all day affair with much basting, chopping, strong country seasonings and presented with great fanfare. It's the dressing I still make (and keep close to my heart).
04/09/2009 10:42:16 AM CDT
rob barrett says ...
This is my wife's favorite meal I cook. It's a healthy version of coconut shrimp that just uses olive oil, thai seasoning and coconut. Here's a video of how to make it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9-YtIa7Gkk Rob's Coconut Shrimp Shrimp 1 lb uncooked 16-20 count size coconut flakes, sweetened Thai seasoning olive oil salt and pepper (preferably kosher salt) Coconut shrimp Peel and wash shrimp. Heat a swish of olive oil in frying pan on high heat. Add shrimp to pan in just one layer. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and thai seasoning. Cook for 1 minute or until the edges start to turn red. Flip over and reapply salt, pepper and thai seasoning. Sprinkle coconut flakes over shrimp. Cook for one more minute or until cooked through (red throughout) stirring and adding coconut until some coconut is on each shrimp. Serve hot and enjoy.
04/09/2009 11:17:27 AM CDT
char says ...
My Dad never had a recipe, but when he grilled anything, usually in the summer with the baseball game on, right after he cut the lawn he would pour a good bottle of beer over whatever it was as it slowly cooked. It made the best ribs and chicken and a memory to last forever.
04/09/2009 11:41:04 AM CDT
Stephanie says ...
My Dad's favorite recipe is "Ship Wreck Stew". Don't flee after seeing the name, or the outcome for that matter, as it does kind of look like a shipwreck. He found it over a year ago in my Mom's church cookbook from the 1950's. Now, when given kitchen duty, he makes it at least once a week. Ship-Wreck Stew 1 lb. ground beef 1 can of milk 1 can drained kidney beans 1 onion (cut up) 3 potatoes (cut into pieces) salt and pepper to taste 1 can tomato soup 1 cup carrotts (optional) Brown meat and onion: add other ingredients (be sure to cut potatoes and carrots small or they will be crunchy). Put in large casserole. Bake about 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees. Remove lid last half hour to brown.
04/21/2009 11:11:54 AM CDT