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Step-Rated Hams Available for Easter!

Thinking about cooking a ham for Easter? Want to eat well knowing that the pigs were raised to the highest animal standards in the industry? Then consider buying Wellshire’s Spiral Sliced Ham - the first spiral sliced ham to qualify for the 5-StepTM Animal Welfare Rating Standards.

Not only are the pigs raised to meet over 110 animal welfare requirements for a Step 1 ranking (a multi-tiered program of the Global Animal Partnership), the ham is made by a specialty processor in Pennsylvania with an original recipe and hand glazed to ensure the highest quality. The Spiral Ham is one of the first items produced by Wellshire and sold in Whole Foods Market and has been the #1 best seller since Wellshire’s inception in 1996. The ham has a peel away label, with heating and carving instructions on the back or you can check out their instructional video. Wellshire hams are meaty and delicious, raised to high welfare standards, and made without the use of antibiotics, preservatives or synthetic nitrites and nitrates. You can find this ham exclusively at Whole Foods Markets throughout the country. Flavorful and elegant, ham is a great choice for your holiday and so easy to prepare. Most pre-cooked hams require only an hour or so in the oven and it's easy to prepare a deliciously simple glaze. Try these recipes:

What’s your favorite way to serve ham?