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Strange in a Delightful Sort of Way

Freshly Caught Halibut

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How fun to read Lewis Lazare’s review Whole Foods ads escape from the ordinary in the Chicago Sun-Times. Here are a few excerpts from that review along with the five “out-of-the-ordinary TV commercials” he watched. Fun stuff! Hats off to our new Schaumburg store team members for a great job.


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“…Perhaps because it has always tried not to be part of the pack, Whole Foods turned to the very offbeat ad man Vinny Warren and his Escape Pod/Chicago agency to develop a new ad campaign for the launch this month of Whole Foods' newest Chicago area store in Schaumburg, which, for the purposes of this campaign, has been dubbed the "freshest Whole Foods store in the whole world." A bit of a stretch, for sure, but the tag line is certain to grab viewers' attention.


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…In this Whole Foods campaign, Warren has simply put employees in front of a camera in the store and let them talk about their areas of expertise, including olives, flowers, bread, sausages and fish. Even though Warren appears to be playing it exceedingly straight in these spots, something about them -- perhaps the slightly off-center personality of each Whole Foods staffer -- keeps the viewer off-balance and half-expecting something odd to happen at any second. Nothing ever does, but after watching all five, we felt as if we had just seen very out-of-the-ordinary TV commercials.

Seeduction Bread

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…Our favorite of the lot is fishmonger Ryan Stover, who offers an explanation of how Whole Foods tracks the route each fish takes from wherever it is caught to whatever store it lands in. In the wrong hands, this could have been dry stuff, indeed. But the jovial Stover, holding up a giant halibut while he talks excitedly, makes it riveting. Amusing too. And yes, a little strange. But in a delightful sort of way.”

Whole Trade Roses

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