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Marcy says ...
I believe remedies are helpful, but lifestyle choices are just, if not more important. I began a yoga practice last year and this brings the most relief to my body. I believe moderation and activity are key to a full life!
06/20/2008 11:15:18 AM CDT
belinda says ...
Arnica Montana for sore muscles and spasms really does work.
06/27/2008 1:47:22 AM CDT
Cynthia Gallaher says ...
A woman Mary whom I work out with had a bad bruise under her fingernail after a basketball game. She was in severe pain from the pressure under her nail. I rubbed arnica gel over her nail and finger. Mary is not one to quickly believe in natural remedies. By the time we walked into the gym, she said the pain was gone. Later she told me it was strange when she washed her hands and the arnica gel off her hands after the workout and the pain returned.
06/28/2008 7:15:29 PM CDT
Holly Spence says ...
Arnica is an amazing healing agent, I have used it for years now, and still I'm amazed at how well it clears up bruising!
07/05/2008 7:52:02 AM CDT
Rock says ...
I tried a product, BruiseMD, that promotes natural enzymes produced by pineapple (bromelain) and papaya, for my bruises. It worked! I was told that they have a new product coming out with Arnica Montana, in a cream or gel. We shall see. Until then, if you have bruises, the tablets may be worth a look. Take care.
12/17/2008 9:17:08 PM CST