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Sweets from South America


My last blog entry was extolling the virtues of Sacha Inchi and how this unique food discovery came to be found in Whole Foods Market stores courtesy of our good friends Laurent and Thierry at the Brandstorm Company.  As promised, this time around I want to give a quick run down on the other nifty products in the TerrAmazon line.  As I mentioned, there are quite a few products that involve cacao due to its ubiquitous nature in South America.  The TerrAmazon cacao is certified USDA Organic and derived from a rare variety of cacao called Criollo, which is less bitter and more aromatic than other species of cacao.  The single ingredient cacao products include cacao powder and cacao nibs.

TerrAmazon Cacao Nibs

They also make products where cacao is added to other ingredients to create unique offerings like cacao nibs mixed with dried fruit for a tasty healthy snack.  The varieties include nibs with pineapple, nibs with raisins and coconut, nibs with macadamia nuts as well as nibs with Brazil nuts and coffee.  My favorites are the raisin and coconut and the pineapple.  The texture and sweetness of the dried fruits balance off the earthy qualities of the nibs. On the functional foods side, they also have a cacao powder mixed with Maca.  Never heard of Maca?  Maca is an herbaceous perennial crop grown in the central highlands of Peru at elevations of 12,000 feet and higher. The oldest recorded date of maca use in Peru is around 1600 b.c. and since then Peruvians have used maca root to promote mental acuity, physical vitality, endurance and stamina.  Together with the high antioxidants of the cacao powder, this product packs a big functional punch.

TerrAmazon Yacon SlicesRounding out the TerrAmazon line are two USDA Organic Yacon products: Yacon syrup and dried yacon.  Yacon is another cutting edge product you may not have heard of.  It’s a plant that is indigenous to the Andean Region of South America.  The syrup is derived from the roots of the plant, and is a good source of antioxidants.  It’s glucose-free, does not increase blood sugar levels and boasts a very low glycemic index.  Yacon syrup is most often compared to molasses or honey in taste, with a deep and rich flavor. It easily substitutes for most sweeteners in recipes, and can be used to sweeten beverages . The dried yacon is reminiscent in flavor of dried melon, is a natural source of dietary fiber and is a natural probiotic. Let’s see…last blog we talked about the story behind the products and introduced you to Sacha Inchi.   This time we described all the products in the TerrAmazon line…now all that’s left is for y’all to get out and try the products…what are you waiting for?