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Team Member Pick: Bacon!

Savor summer's splendor while you enjoy sweet savings with the current issue of The Whole Deal® value guide. Feast on more than $49 in coupons, 20 Sure Deals, 10 new budget-friendly recipes, a daily meal planner and plenty of money-saving tips – including the inside scoop on the tastiest products for less! For example, are you on the lookout for an incredible deal on enough bacon to make the mouth-watering sandwiches, salads (yep, we have a BLT Pasta Salad!), burgers and breakfasts you crave?

Read on to find out how to enter to win a Year of Bacon!

When asked about how to get more for less, team members will point out our 365 Everyday Value® line. From whole grain flours and shade-grown coffee to organic milk and multivitamins for kids, all 365 Everyday Value® products are formulated to meet all our quality standards and are easy on the wallet every day of the year.

Mike Hack, marketing supervisor in Tustin, Calif. and team member since 2007, is happy to share his favorite 365 Everyday Value® product.

How did you come to your position at Whole Foods Market? I’ve always had a passion for great food and enjoyed sharing it with others. Throughout grade school, my mom packed lunches that were considered “epic” by my classmates. She sent me with extra snacks because my lunch box was constantly being raided.

Have you ever worn any food item as clothing? Once my fiancée and I dressed up as “Bacon & Eggs” for Halloween.

What have you thrown in a food fight? Back in high school, a group of us tried to pile into a bathtub filled entirely with spaghetti cooked right in the tub. Spaghetti strands were everywhere!

What is your favorite 365 Everyday Value® product? 365 Everyday Value® Applewood Smoked Uncured Bacon. It's thick-cut with an intoxicating smoky flavor. On Sunday mornings, the first thing I do is bake several strips. Within minutes, my house is filled with the most delectable aroma, and I know it will be a good day.

If you weren’t going to eat that favorite 365 Everyday Value® product, what else can you imagine doing with it? I’d use the bacon grease as a combo styling gel and cologne.

Do you go bonkers for bacon like Mike? We do! From bacon grease as a combo styling gel and cologne to bacon cupcakes, we’re celebrating all things bacon by holding an online contest on Facebook to find the next big bacon idea. Bacon chocolates, cocktails and salt have been hits.

What’s next? Share your idea and be entered to win a Year of Bacon. (Yes, a Year of Bacon!) Enter and vote for your favorites between now and July 31 at facebook.com/wholefoodsmeat. The grand prize winner chosen by Whole Foods Market receives a Year of Bacon, and the top 10 ideas as “liked” by the Facebook community each receive $50 Whole Foods Market gift cards. Winners will be announced August 10, 2012. It’s time to get those creative juices flowing!

Make sure you enter the contest on the Whole Foods Market Meat Facebook page, but feel free to tell us in the comments below what you would do with bacon besides eat it.