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Ten Tasty Gluten-Free Recipes

By Megan Myers, May 12, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

Did you know May is Celiac Awareness Month? I don’t have to eat gluten free, but I have lots of friends who do.

When I’m entertaining or attending a potluck, I like to be able to bring something that the entire group can enjoy. It not only helps ensure my friends have something tasty to nibble on, but can also expand the food horizons of the other guests!

Whether you’re living gluten free, are grain conscious or you simply like tasty eats, then these recipes are sure to please.


Do you eat gluten free? We’d love to hear your favorite recipe.




Holly says ...
Hi Kim, I had to go gluten free a year ago after being diagnosed with celiac disease. My best advice, if you don't already cook, start cooking food yourself. A great place to start is the recipes here. Also, Tropical Traditions has a great list. A good book for reliable recipes (GF flours are expensive and I hate wasting them) is "Gluten Free Girl and the Chef." Best advice is to avoid recipes with a bunch of eggs, they don't taste good and the texture is terrible. Regards, Holly
05/16/2012 4:12:01 PM CDT
Michelle Moon says ...
On May 16, 2012 Yes I do and it is hard to find things in town we were hoping that you all would have moved here earlier in the year. Hopefully you will soon. Sincerely yours, Michelle
05/16/2012 5:01:20 PM CDT
Kim says ...
I am scouring this site for gluten -free foods and recipes. I am starting my first day of gluten free living TODAY..HELP!! I'd appreciate any support,ideas,and especially a food list. I am looking forward to a healthier lifestyle. Thank you, Kim
05/15/2012 10:43:47 AM CDT
Lori says ...
There are 2 basic ways to go gluten-free. (1) search for recipes so you can make good replacements for the gluten foods you love (cookies, breads, cakes, muffins, waffles, etc), and (2) eat things that never had gluten anyway (corn tortilla tacos & enchiladas, stir fry on rice, meat & veggies, potatoes, polenta, quinoa, etc). I prefer #2 because it is easier and usually healthier to skip all that high-carb stuff anyway.
05/22/2012 2:29:04 PM CDT
Shari says ...
Megan, I have to tell you how wonderful I think it is that you make gluten free potluck items to make sure your GF friends have something to eat! I have been in the opposite situation and it does not feel good being able to eat only the one thing that you bring. I have also been in the situation where I was told that I can bring for myself, but don't bother bringing enough for the group! (I know, the nerve!!) Kim, it's really not that hard once you get used to things. I went GF about 3 or 4 years ago and it has gotten much better since then. Some folks before me have already pointed out some of my favorite sites for recipes, but in terms of restaurants, I have had the best experiences at Outback Steakhouse. They went so far as to take back my shrimp because they weren't 100% sure if the little black marks were seasoning or grill lines. They take GF very seriously there! Ling and Louie's and PF Changs are always knowledgeable as well. More and more, you find restaurants that can guide you and accommodate you for gluten free items. Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions, they really are used to it now. Hope your first few days have gone well for you!
05/22/2012 2:50:06 PM CDT
Annemarie says ...
Here's one of my family's favorite gluten-free recipes: http://realfoodrealdeals.com/2012/04/06/chewy-blueberry-banana-oat-bars/
05/13/2012 2:33:31 PM CDT
Kate says ...
I am gluten and dairy-free. Once you learn what works for your body, there are so many delicious options! A few of my favorites: Pumpkin-Chai Spice Bread http://bread-n-chocolate.blogspot.com/2011/02/pumpkin-chai-spice-bread.html Spaghetti Squash "Pasta" http://bread-n-chocolate.blogspot.com/2011/08/on-top-of-spaghetti.html Pear Berry Cobbler http://bread-n-chocolate.blogspot.com/2011/04/pear-berry-cobbler.html
05/12/2012 4:55:41 PM CDT
Terri says ...
Hi Kim, There are some great websites to help. One is theglutenfreehomemaker.com - seach for "Linda the gluten free homemaker" - she has links to many other sites. If you love chocolate cake, buy Bob's Red Mill All purpose GF Flour and make Hersheys Black Magic Special Cake on Hersheys website - substituting the flour. It is so good, no frosting needed - just sprinkle with powdered sugar. Almost any cake or muffin or banana bread recipe can be made - just substitue the flour. I eat a lot of beans and rice. You will need to read labels and watch for ingredients like malt and vinegar - both can contain gluten, but there are some OK vinegars - just start with the easy food at first like meat and veggies. Email me if you want - if this site passes on my email. I wish you success.
05/16/2012 7:29:59 PM CDT
Juliet says ...
I am gluten-free and dairy-free. Some of my very favorite recipes are from the website of the Thai Kitchen brand of food products. Many of their products are gluten-free. Here is one of my very favorites from the site for Garlic Chicken with Green Beans - http://www.thaikitchen.com/Recipes/Chicken-Beef-and-Pork/Garlic-Chicken-with-Green-Beans.aspx I also love the Green Curry with Vegetables - http://www.thaikitchen.com/Recipes/Vegetables/Green-Curry-with-Vegetables.aspx Finally, I'd like to recommend a book called Celebrating Food: 121 Gluten-Free Recipes for a Healthier You by Susan Gauen. It's full of wonderful recipes.
05/16/2012 7:33:20 PM CDT
Carmen says ...
Hi Kim - I remember how hard it was going gluten free! Just be patient and keep a fridge and pantry stocked with gluten free whole grain (quinoa, brown rice), meat & fish, and fresh veggies and fruit. Stay away from packaged, processed food (many contain gluten) and things like soy sauce. A couple of websites that I really like: Gluten-Free Goddess - http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/ Gluten Free Girl & the Chef - http://glutenfreegirl.com/ Elana's pantry - http://www.elanaspantry.com/ PaleOMG - http://paleomg.com/ (paleo recipes, but really good. Good luck!
05/16/2012 9:46:48 PM CDT
Holli Anne Smith says ...
Some of what people THINK is gluten-free is not at all. ALL GRAINS contain a protein inside the kernel called GLUTEN. Each grain's gluten has different names and different abilities to do damage. CORN, RICE, OATS, SORGHUM and MILLET, just to name a few, ALL CONTAIN damaging gluten. Corn's gluten is "Zein", Rice's gluten is "Orzenin", Oats is "Avenin", Sorghum's gluten is "Kafarin" , Millet's is "Panicin". Dr. Peter Osborne is a researching medical doctor who founded the Gluten Free Society. He lab tests ALL GRAINS for gluten and publishes his findings. His goal is to educate other physicians and celiac patients to the dangers of GRAINS. We cannot expect to be healthy with 50 year-old obsolete information. New research shows that!
05/25/2012 4:17:58 AM CDT
Amy says ...
The best website is www.glutenfreespinner.com- every recipe is a winner! I don't try and bake myself - I like Pamelas bakery mixes just as well as anything. Noodles has a great GF menu- PF Changs and even Red Robin has a great GF bun option. I don't have celiacs- I just am intolerant so I don't have to be perfect. But meat- veggies- rice is what I eat for most meals. I cannot eat beans or onions (I do a low FODMAPS diet) so that is limiting but check out that website- it is awesome!
05/22/2012 10:11:34 PM CDT
Nancy says ...
We started eating gluten free over a year ago. Our blog, shecookshecleans.net, also has gluten free recipes. I second Carmen's advice to avoid packaged, processed food!
05/20/2012 1:08:17 PM CDT
Gary Johnson says ...
I have been celiac for about 10-12 yrs and have tried many products and recipes always looking for foods that taste and compare to those with gluten in them. Some of the best products I have found are those by Baker's Rack. Their chocolate cake mix is to die for. All their products are great. Their website gfbakersrack.com has many recipes using their products that are delicious and easy to make.
05/20/2012 8:50:58 AM CDT
Julianne Flake says ...
Whole foods Gluten free recipes, info
11/19/2015 7:33:15 PM CST
Lee Riddell says ...
Hi, I will be moving to Flagstaff in July from NY. I am looking to take classes in cooking gluten free. Any suggestions? i signed up to get recipes. via email. thanks Lee
04/03/2016 10:59:37 AM CDT