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Thank You!

By Kate Demase, November 25, 2009  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Kate Demase
thanksgiving-blog-pics-001The day before Thanksgiving is our busiest day here at Whole Foods Market, and one of my favorite days of the whole year. It is the day my team and I have been working toward for months, with the excitement building more each day. It is non-stop action for us in the stores: readying holiday orders, stocking the shelves and making sure each customer gets exactly what they need to make their holiday perfect. It is also a day that we remember how important our customers are to us. We are always thankful for you, our customers - your feedback, your support, and your help in making Whole Foods Market such an amazing place to shop. This year in particular we want to thank each customer for telling us what they like - and don't like - enabling us to learn, grow and make each store and product exactly what you want it to be. Today at the stores, when you are picking up your holiday treats, feel free to talk to our Team Members about what you are thankful for - or what you wish was a little different. Perhaps some of our Team Members, like those mentioned below, will share what they are thankful for as well. thanksgiving-blog-pics-002Richie, Meat Team Leader: On a personal note, my family is the most important thing in my life, and I am so thankful for my amazing wife and such great kids and their spouses for giving me the best gift of all, grand children. On a work related note, I am thankful I found Whole Foods Market 12 years ago. It has been a great journey! Matt, Customer Service Supervisor: I am thankful for those I am close to: family and friends, the small things in life, like a good cup of coffee or a beer with a friend. I am also thankful for Whole Foods. I am thankful to work in such a close knit environment where people genuinely care about each other and support each other. I am thankful for the family style approach to teamwork. And for some people, Whole Foods IS their primary family, so I celebrate them as well. Leslie, Payroll and Benefits Specialist: I'm thankful to have a job in this time of economic crisis! (You said it Leslie!) thanksgiving-blog-pics-003For my part, I am thankful for so many things, but most of all I am thankful for the health of my family and for the absolutely amazing group of people that I work with every day. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and being excited about your job! Have a happy, healthy, and delicious Thanksgiving everyone!
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Food Makes Fun Fuel says ...
I love hearing from employees like this. You guys feel like such a caring community!
11/25/2009 10:47:29 AM CST
joy mcnab says ...
I am greatful that Whole Foods is my friendly neighberhood grocery store.
11/25/2009 9:48:26 PM CST
Susan Danoff says ...
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving thanks to Whole Foods catering department. The selections for the meal were absolutely delicious and plentiful. And the staff at your New York (Chelsea) location were extremely helpful and professional. I work at an extremely stressful and time-consuming job, and were it not for Whole Foods, we could not have had company to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.
11/27/2009 7:26:28 AM CST
Jo Ann says ...
My husband and I enjoyed our first Whole Foods Thanksgiving meal this year. What a treat. Thank you for the integrity with which you prepare food. By the way, I have noticed when I am in the store that Whole Foods smells good! I don't know if it is the nature of the organic products or what, but it just smells clean and healthy. I always enjoy going there!
11/27/2009 12:39:39 PM CST
David Franklin says ...
Thank you for providing such a great place to shop. Whenever I go into another store I am reminded of how great my experience is at Wholefoods. Thank You, Dave
11/27/2009 8:22:29 PM CST
Katherine Elizabeth says ...
I'm thankful for having so many Whole Foods Markets in New England. I know that no matter where my travels take me, I always have a friend (and a freshly baked baguette) a few minutes away!
11/29/2009 11:55:09 AM CST
Peter Maguire says ...
We have been enjoying the Thanksgiving 'set' meal for several years and have found it very good and convenient. However, this year we were disappointed with the mashed potatoes. The taste and texture were both such that we could not eat it at all. Even our daughter, who is growing and eats enough for two and loves potatoes, would not eat them. Next year we've already decided to avoid them.
11/30/2009 2:05:10 AM CST