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The day before Thanksgiving is our busiest day here at Whole Foods Market, and one of my favorite days of the whole year. It is the day my team and I have been working toward for months, with the excitement building more each day. It is non-stop action for us in the stores: readying holiday orders, stocking the shelves and making sure each customer gets exactly what they need to make their holiday perfect. It is also a day that we remember how important our customers are to us. We are always thankful for you, our customers — your feedback, your support, and your help in making Whole Foods Market such an amazing place to shop. This year in particular we want to thank each customer for telling us what they like — and don’t like — enabling us to learn, grow and make each store and product exactly what you want it to be. Today at the stores, when you are picking up your holiday treats, feel free to talk to our Team Members about what you are thankful for — or what you wish was a little different. Perhaps some of our Team Members will share what they are thankful for as well. Have a happy, healthy, and delicious Thanksgiving everyone!

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Kirsten says …

Hi, We were excited to order our Thanksgiving turkey and sides from Whole Foods instead of having to cook it ourselves. We choose Whole Foods after getting great recommendations from family members who used it in the past. Unfortunately, my husband spent an hour trying to pick up a preorder at the Whole Foods in Tustin, CA. After my husband went to the Turkey counter, they informed him that he had to pick up preorders at the front of the store. He then went to the front only to wait and wait for someone to try to find the preorder box. After a call to supervisors, the box was finally located. I understand that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is very busy, but that should be expected. We certainly will not want to go through this experience next year.

E R says …

I am thankful that everyone at my local whole foods was so friendly and helpful today (chapel hill, NC). We picked up a pre-ordered turkey dinner but I guess they somehow ran out of the medium-sized turkeys. They upgraded us to a larger turkey for the same price. They definitely will keep getting my repeat business!