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Time for Port Wine

Holiday time is the perfect time to enjoy a delicious port wine! Port wine is a "sipper" kind of wine - it slowly warms your spirit and soul while you mingle and enjoy time with family and friends.

We brought in this delightful port wine called "The Portly Gentleman" from Buller Wines, a fourth-generation Australian winery. Made in the style of a Tawny port, this wine comes from Grenache, Shiraz and Cabernet grapes. It is oak-cask aged for three to five years, which gives it a beautiful almost Burgundy pale red color. With a bouquet of liquored berry fruits and flavors of strawberry and cherry syrup, it is delicious as an after dinner drink on its own or as an accompaniment for dessert. We love port wine with chocolate and this wine pairs deliciously with bittersweet Belgian chocolate.

Another part of this port wine that we love is its price tag. You will warm someone's heart (and palate) if you show up with a bottle of "The Portly Gentleman" at your next holiday party. And you may as well pick up a few bottles so you can keep at least one for yourself - who said gifting was only for others? The time seems just about right for a little gift from you to you!