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Time Running Out on Costa Rica Trip Giveaway

By Paige Brady, April 23, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady
In case you are just tuning in, we’ve been celebrating April with our Whole Trade™ pineapples that are setting a sweeter standard for quality, as well as environmental and social responsibility. But time is running out for you to enter to win a 9-day trip to Costa Rica! To celebrate the expansion of our ethical sourcing program in Costa Rica, we’ve partnered with Intrepid Travel to offer a chance to win a trip to Costa Rica, home to the Whole Trade pineapple found only at Whole Foods Market. The contest ends on April 30th, so enter your name now for a chance to win. Our Whole Trade pineapples are grown in Costa Rica on farms that never compromise on providing delectable sweet and juicy fruit, and who keep the health of the planet high on their priority list. Our Whole Trade™ Guarantee ensures that these responsible farms and their workers receive equitable wages and better working conditions – and that you enjoy the best quality tropical treat, delivered to our stores at peak ripeness. These Whole Trade pineapples are truly amazing. I’ve been packing it in my daughter’s lunch box for quite a few weeks now and she’s still loving it! So are these customers:
    I just picked up some fantastic pineapples from the Princeton Whole Foods in New Jersey. They taste amazing!  I made some fresh pineapple juice with my Norwalk Juicer. Delicious!  —  Tony
    I just ate some of this pineapple and it’s the sweetest pineapple I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely be back to Whole Foods for more. I just wish it wasn’t a 45 minute drive.  —  Joy
Want to know how to select a great pineapple? Carol offers some tips in her post on Busting Myths about Fresh Pineapple. Looking for ideas on how to serve some delicious pineapple? Here are some of our favorite pineapple recipes and you can also check out over 150 recipe ideas from our readers. How are you enjoying your pineapple?
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Cincy Woods says ...
My 4-yr old son loves fruit and his favorite is pineapple. Thanks for the great recipes.
04/27/2010 3:03:48 PM CDT
Gerda Loeb says ...
I love the pineapples that I buy at Whole Foods!! I slice and grill them often!! I also bake them whole!! Just wrap them in foil and bake in oven for an hour!! I also juice them, skin and all!!
04/27/2010 3:09:56 PM CDT
Angela says ...
I recently made some pineapple/ cerano salsa that was an amazing accompaniment to some grilled fish. I love these pineapples!
04/27/2010 3:19:21 PM CDT
Andrea says ...
My family loves pineapple, so I was thrilled to see Whole Trade ones at Whole Foods. My husband makes a fantastic breakfast "boat" by simply quartering them, carving out the pulp, and then adding it back to the "boat" with berries and other chopped fruit.
04/27/2010 3:40:14 PM CDT
Susan says ...
We live in Hawaii, where fresh pineapples are grown. Why not buy fresh pineapples from the US and support our local growers?
04/27/2010 3:41:18 PM CDT
Liz Rackowski says ...
I have purchased 3 Whole Trade Pinapples from Whole Foods in the past week and just can't get enough of them. I put them in anything and everything. Pinapples can make life just a bit sweeter :)
04/27/2010 3:43:37 PM CDT
Eileen Hamilton says ...
We almost always bring fresh pineapple as a hostess gift and cut it on the spot. It is always an enormous hit!
04/27/2010 4:38:32 PM CDT
Andrea Turner says ...
We are having fresh pineapple with dinner tonight!
04/27/2010 5:14:08 PM CDT
Mayra says ...
A great salad I grew up with: 1 cubed avocodo 1/2 of a fresh pineapple cubed 1/4 tsp of salt pepper to taste 1/4 cup of virgin olive oil 1/16 cup of vinegar toss and enjoy!!!!!!!!!
04/27/2010 6:18:20 PM CDT
Jill Kenehan-Krey says ...
Mmmmm!!! Yummy...I'll be heading over this week to get some!!!
04/27/2010 6:23:26 PM CDT
Sherry says ...
How can you possibly turn down a Pineapple from Whole Foods..In fact how can you turn down anything from Whole foods, The best of the best indeed. Fresh and healthy
04/27/2010 10:15:51 PM CDT
Caroline V Johnson says ...
Waiting for the travel info !
04/28/2010 12:59:26 AM CDT
Mary says ...
I usually buy two pineapples when I go to Whole Foods. They are so delicious and are devoured fairly soon after cutting them open. Many vitamins and minerals are found in pineapples, so they are good for you as well as delicious to eat.
04/28/2010 8:08:42 PM CDT
Kathleen says ...
I make a fruit smoothie every morning and I have a veggie blended drink every evening with dinner. Both drinks contain fresh pineapple that I purchase from Whole Foods! Although the evening drink consists of a mix of organic vegetables, I add pineapple for its digestive, anti-inflammatory and overall health benefits! Mmmmm...delish!
04/28/2010 9:26:19 PM CDT
Therese says ...
Grilled Pineapple on coconut icecream!
04/29/2010 1:44:19 PM CDT
Sarah Bailey says ...
My daughter and I bought one of these pineapples because she had fallen and had a nasty bruise and pineapple helps bruises heal. So I came home from work and find she had prepared the pineapple and left me about three bites. This is the most tasty pineapple (from the 3 bites I got) that I have ever tasted. I understand why she ate it all. These are fabulous - please keep them coming!!! Sarah
04/29/2010 10:40:21 PM CDT
Rebekah says ...
My father was a missionary in Costa Rica when I was a young girl. I would love the chance to retrace his steps.
11/01/2012 11:49:03 PM CDT