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Top Five Money-Saving Tips for Entertaining

Got a few more hurrahs in store for 2010 before welcoming the New Year? These top tips from The Whole Deal value guide will have you entertaining the idea of using high-quality ingredients without high costs when you entertain. Have a happy and affordable New Year celebration! 1. PLAN AND CALCULATE Plan meals and make shopping lists (on paper, online or on your iphone), being mindful of how much to buy and serve for how many people. Use the servings calculator on our Holidays 2010 site. 2. CHOOSE CROWD-FRIENDLY RECIPES Make hearty, satisfying, affordable recipes. Big-pot meals with self-serve condiments are ideal: chili, curry, red beans and rice, stew, etc. Your helper is wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes.   3. LEARN TO COOK AT LEAST ONE THING Choose an entertaining dish to become your sought-after signature item to take along or serve at home. We’ve got some simple “Learn to Cook” recipes to help you hone your skills. Remember, homemade saves! 4. ENJOY THE MORE THE MERRIER Share the cooking, the responsibilities, the expenses—and the fun!—with potlucks.
  • Arrange one with coworkers, neighbors or club members. Exchange recipe cards (and the stories behind the dish or ingredients) instead of gifts.
  • Take a giant green salad…it’s impressive, inexpensive and fast! Toss in nuts and dried fruit or halved grapes.
  • If it’s your party, let people show off their culinary creations, but be ready with suggestions.
5. BUDGET BY THE BITE No need to obsess with a calculator; try our “small bites” recipes that will cost you less than 50 cents each, and many of them much less than that! There are even more entertaining ideas in December’s The Whole Deal, online and in stores until the end of December. (But when they’re gone, they’re gone!) How do you celebrate big without overdoing it?