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Unforgettable Easter and Seder Meals

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend both Easter meals and Passover Seders where the tables were packed, the wine was plentiful and platters of food seemed endless. Whether the result of a potluck or a creative host, each of these celebrations has included a delicious blend of traditional and innovative seasonal dishes. Next to the company (of course), this variety of dishes and flavors has been one of the most memorable experiences about each meal. To help you create a holiday menu not to be forgotten, we’ve gathered 10 of our favorite recipes.

Pick and choose a few that are most appropriate for your holiday table. Happy holidays.


We couldn’t decide which brisket recipe to feature, so we pulled together all of our favorites. Don’t miss the post here.

Which dishes are you hoping will be memorable this holiday? Are you relying on a tried-and-true menu, or are you trying something new?