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By Paige Brady, October 4, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady
Musical powerhouses John Legend & The Roots are presenting fans with a fiery new offering, WAKE UP! This CD, available in Whole Foods Market stores now, features soulful music from the 60's and 70's all with an underlying theme of awareness, engagement and consciousness- effectively telling listeners to WAKE UP! (Read on for a chance to win an autographed CD.) The album features eleven evocative songs infused with sounds of gospel, rock and reggae inflections with hip-hop influences. The album is highlighted by familiar tracks like "Wholly Holy" by Marvin Gaye and "Little Ghetto Boy" by Donny Hathaway mixed with the more obscure selections of Baby Huey and the Babysitters' "Hard Times," and "Hang on in There" by Mike James Kirkland. The album features one original composition, Legend's song "Shine," which is featured in Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim's upcoming documentary film Waiting for Superman. The song, a "Stevie-Wonder-meets-gospel" stunner, clearly demonstrates the strengths of this specific group of musicians. WAKE UP! blends Legend's expressive, thoughtful vocal interpretations with an element of funk that only The Roots can provide. Watch to John Legend & The Roots talk about what this album means to them in this video about the Making of WAKE UP! Got a favorite song that helps you wake up to the needs of the world around us? Leave a comment below by October 13th telling us what it is and we'll pick three random winners to receive a CD and poster. One of the CDs is even autographed!
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Laviza says ...
love john legend's soulful voice!!
10/05/2010 3:15:35 PM CDT
Jaymee Brown says ...
I don't know about favorite but Heal The World is constantly being sung by me to my 2 babies!
10/05/2010 3:16:37 PM CDT
Tony Wilson says ...
The Pretender by Jackson Brown
10/05/2010 3:17:51 PM CDT
sincerity says ...
10/05/2010 3:18:12 PM CDT
SarahR says ...
Come Together - The Beatles!
10/05/2010 3:19:06 PM CDT
Nick Rapach says ...
Bob Marley (of course!), Get Up Stand Up (if I had to pick just one of his songs)
10/05/2010 3:19:40 PM CDT
Jessica Matthews says ...
I love the Roots and John Legend and cannot wait to hear this CD. My favorite song that helps me Wake Up is Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror.
10/05/2010 3:20:15 PM CDT
Lynn says ...
Where is the Love-Black Eye Peas
10/05/2010 3:20:25 PM CDT
Denise says ...
Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology) by Marvin Gaye. It's as relevant today as it was in 1971 when it was released.
10/05/2010 3:21:04 PM CDT
Vicki Burow says ...
In a more broad sense, Aretha Franklin's "Respect".
10/05/2010 3:24:35 PM CDT
Bonnie Jackson says ...
What a wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
10/05/2010 3:24:53 PM CDT
Denise Haynes says ...
10/05/2010 3:29:07 PM CDT
Sean G. Smith says ...
Please Enter Me to Win WAKE UP! as for a song: Higher Ground (RHCP- version) Thanks! Sean
10/05/2010 3:31:51 PM CDT
debbie ward says ...
Good Morning by john Legend I love that song I also like Wake Up from the new cd wake up I love John Legends music and i love to see him in concert.
10/05/2010 3:33:16 PM CDT
Inumidun says ...
Inner City Blues by Marvin Gaye
10/05/2010 3:33:43 PM CDT
Jennifer A. Smith says ...
song that helps me wake up to the needs of the world around us? Marvin Gaye "What's Going On"
10/05/2010 3:34:18 PM CDT
Ann Grant says ...
Imagine by John Lennon
10/05/2010 3:41:09 PM CDT
WarriorQueen31 says ...
Genesis-Land of Confusion
10/05/2010 3:44:39 PM CDT
Jerry van West says ...
My favorite wake up song is from R.E.M. The song is "Shiny, Happy People". I hear that song and I am immediately in a great mood. The song is very peppy and makes me dance around my living room with my dogs.
10/05/2010 3:45:40 PM CDT
Carisa O'Hara says ...
I love this cd!
10/05/2010 3:46:30 PM CDT
Carisa O'Hara says ...
10/05/2010 3:47:18 PM CDT
Rany says ...
John Lennon: IMAGINE = my all time favorite.
10/05/2010 3:59:03 PM CDT
Treva says ...
My favorite wake up song is Mercy Mercy Me by Marvin Gaye.
10/05/2010 4:00:32 PM CDT
Jennifer says ...
Sarah McLachlan- World On Fire..powerful song and video
10/05/2010 4:01:54 PM CDT
Sean G. Smith says ...
Please Enter Me! Higher Ground (RHCP version) keeps me fighting the good fight!
10/05/2010 4:04:44 PM CDT