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I've been traveling this week - nothing too spectacular- just a flight to upstate NY for a family reunion, followed by a road trip back down to NJ to spend a week with the family and on Sunday - the NYC Century.  During a particularly long layover on my way to NY, as I circled the terminal for the tenth time, I realized just how few options exist in airport dining for anyone seeking healthy, natural or organic - let alone anyone with a dietary restriction.  Same goes for a road trip and its commonly frequented fast food joints and gas stations.  So how do you stay healthy on the move?  Here are some blogs that answered that question. What Foods Can You Carry on a Plane?
Tomorrow we're leaving to go to Switzerland for a conference, and it's going to be a long trip from San Francisco to Geneva - 14 hours! Airplane food is not known for being particularly tasty, and we'd like to pack our own meal. But with security regulations, we wondered: what can we carry on the plane?
Rules of the Road Trip
If you're planning your own end-of-summer getaway, I've gleaned some ideas from my own experience on how you can vacation without gaining 20 pounds, not to mention throwing your eco-conscious intentions to the wind.
What are your Favorite Airplane Snacks? (for kids)
It's no secret that airline food isn't particularly kid friendly, and lately most flights don't include any food at all, leaving parents to bring along their own snacks and meals for their hungry kids. [...] There is an art-form to packing snacks to bring along on an plane ride. They need need to last un-refrigerated for hours, cannot contain liquid, and preferably they take no space at all, are filling, and not sugar laden.
So, what are your favorite travel snacks and how do you stay healthy while on the road or in the air?