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When I wake up on cold mornings in the middle of winter, it's hard to force myself to get out from underneath the warm blankets. Having a hot breakfast helps make the morning bearable. Did you know that skipping breakfast can contribute to weight gain because you end up snacking and eating larger meals later in the day? Without breakfast, you also may not be at the top of your game. A respected European study showed better performance and cognitive ability in people who ate carbohydrates with protein for breakfast. Other studies have shown that brain function in children who skip breakfast is drastically reduced by late morning.

So, we've been reading about breakfast! Here's some solid info from our website:  Breaking for Breakfast and our audio podcast celebrating February as Hot Breakfast Month.

Yeah, yeah, we know it's not quite February yet, but we're always ahead of the curve! So, with breakfast on the brain, we bring you some healthy breakfast ideas from around the web. From 101cookbooks: Wheat Berry Breakfast Bowl: "Thin slices of sautéed pears, ruby-hued cranberries, and plump, golden wheat berries are sweetened with generous dollops of maple-sweetened yogurt and finished with plenty of toasted pecans and a sprinkling of dried persimmons, ginger, and dates." From A Mighty Appetite: Lulu's Cookies: These cookies are a "snack/dessert/breakfast-on-the-run." The dough freezes well, so you can bake them as needed, or bake enough for a week at a time. Consider leaving out the chocolate chips when making these for breakfast fare. From Chocolate and Zucchini: Oatmeal Breakfast Clafoutis: This is essentially baked oatmeal.  Great for making on a Sunday, then you have great breakfasts for the week!  Just cut a square each morning and enjoy. Mix it up with different nuts and fruits. Try cutting back on the sugar, though. And of course we have some great breakfast recipes on our own website as well. Try Overnight Oatmeal, Gluten-Free Flaxseed Muffins or Whey Protein Breakfast Blast (if you don't mind the cold!) So what do you have for breakfast?