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By Winnie Hsia, December 19, 2008  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Winnie Hsia
Whoa, is it already December 19th?!  The holidays have crept up faster this year than ever before and I haven't even started making all the wonderful homemade gifts I'd been planning on.  My lofty goals of handknit scarves with matching hats and little oil paintings for all my loved ones are seeming more and more out of reach each day.  But I'm still all for homemade and filled with love - so what's a girl to do?  Thankfully, some of my favorite blogs are filled with inspiration for making excellent, creative gifts.

Tele-Graham Crackers: Sweet Treats in the Mail

Last Minute Gift Idea: Beer Bread Mix

Gingerbread Man Macaroons

Got any creative, last-minute gift ideas for your friends and family?
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Angie says ...
I made memory wire (like a Slinky) bracelets for nearly every woman I know. You just need wire and beads from the craft store, and some pliers. Recipes on the WFM website came in super handy, like the cranberry pecan shortbread cookies and candied walnuts with orange and chocolate... yum! And, of course, all the easy-to-grab presents available at Whole Foods :)
12/19/2008 11:44:52 AM CST
Ricki says ...
I made an agave-sweetened, whole foods, vegan fudge two ways that is quick and easy and makes a delectable, portable gift. I also love cookies at the holidays and usually bake up a bunch. And fruit preserves are always a great gift!
12/20/2008 9:04:19 PM CST
Melissa says ...
I saw those Tele-Graham Crackers the other day, Aren't they cute?!
12/21/2008 5:07:07 PM CST