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What's In Your First Aid Kit?

After his recent graduation from the University of Texas at Austin, Reid Schwartz is busy learning the ropes on the Whole Foods Market Global Public Relations Team. When not investigating natural first aid, Reid enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and finding new and exciting things to do in Austin. As an enthusiast for all things natural, I feel really lucky that some of the projects I get to work on include speaking with some of our incredibly well-educated team members to learn about different products that are timely and relevant to the season. With summer upon us (especially here in Texas…hello 104 degrees!), families across the U.S. are enjoying water parks, backyard barbecues, and other summertime activities like hiking and camping. But planning for the hottest season of the year also means those inevitable summer mishaps! The experts around here gave me a lesson in natural first aid and here's what I learned. Any parent or outdoor lover knows that even a mild case of sunburn or a swollen bug bite can put a serious damper on an otherwise thrilling summer adventure. Being prepared with a well-stocked first aid kit that addresses all types of summertime injuries is the best way to avoid discomfort and sooth the summer ouches. When putting together a first-aid kit (I packed mine in a lunch-sized Better Bag), keep in mind the obvious summer pain concerns: sunburn, insect bites, minor skin injuries, bumps and bruises. Make a quick trip to our stores and you'll find the right combination of remedies to prevent and minimize any setbacks to your summer fun. Every family member, especially children, should cover up with a hat, clothing, sunglasses and a good sunscreen applied every few hours. One of my favorites is Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 25. It's ideal for children and comes in a biodegradable recyclable container. Another must-have for your summer first aid kit is Arnica gel. I had actually never heard of this product before, but I'm here to tell you it is magical, especially for reducing swelling and bruising for all those bumps and bruises! As someone who personally suffers from motion sickness, I was most interested in learning about ginger as a natural preventative. Ginger is widely available in capsules, crystallized pieces or in an extract, and taken 20 minutes prior to (and during) travel has been known to reduce the symptoms associated with motion sickness. I'm definitely trying this next time I go out on the lake! Finally, make sure you get hold of a good insect repellant, bandages and some kind of ointment or salve with tea tree oil. It's great for relief from insect bites and chapped skin. Have fun this summer, but most importantly, stay safe! For other tips and tricks on summer first aid, check out our Summer Body Care & Wellness booklet in stores and in this online pdf. What's your "go to" natural first aid remedy? Would love to hear what you always keep on hand.