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Who Won the School Lunch Makeover?

What school won the healthy lunch coaching session from Chef Ann Cooper? Drum roll, please...it’s the Albert Einstein Academies in San Diego. Congratulations!


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Julie Black submitted the entry on behalf of the Albert Einstein Academies. She has a 4th grader attending the school and really believes that if one school in the San Diego district can make a change, then the other schools will jump on board – “the kids are going to be so excited.” In reviewing all the entries, it was really incredible to see that not only are parents interested in getting healthier food into their school lunch rooms but kids are too. These videos were inspiring to all of us at Whole Foods Market. The kids and community at Albert Einstein Academies did an super job of showcasing the importance of healthy eating and really tapped their creativity to produce what we believe could be an award winning spot for Healthy Eating in schools. That being said we’ve got to mention some outstanding performances from the competition:
  • Preston Veteran’s Memorial School, Preston CT -  You all had us smiling ear to ear. Can we hire your organic cow? With a community that cares that much we know that you guys are going  places.
  • Gilbert Christian School, AZ - Okay, someone there is going to end up making movies some day. Chef Ann loved the impersonation and we could not get over the creativity…great job!
  • Border Star Montessori School, Kansas City – We can tell you all have a great community with people who really want CHANGE. We loved that the kids wanted healthier foods and that the parents and teachers were invested in the process. We know you will get there…keep us updated.
Check out the entries and don’t forget to check back as we will be showing coverage of Chef Ann’s trip to Albert Einstein Academies and following the progress of their lunch program.