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Winter Meals for Four on a Budget

Hungry to start the new year with savings?

In the latest issue of The Whole Deal value guide we have a week’s worth of budget-friendly meal ideas to fill your family's plates without emptying your wallet. Here’s the plan:

MONDAY: Veggie Monday Warm up some Organic Miso Soup with sliced carrots, mushrooms and green onions added to the pot. Serve stir-fried tofu and broccoli with 365 Everyday Value® Organic Peanut Sauce over pasta on the side.

Blend EARTH University frozen pineapple and banana chunks for dessert.

TUESDAY: A Valentine’s “Date” for Eight Invite your BFFs over for decadent Grilled Goat Cheese, Prosciutto and Asparagus Sandwiches, tomato soup with oyster crackers and Sweet Strawberry Risotto.

Pour Harthill Farms Pinot Grigio – a Sure Deal! in the winter issue of The Whole Deal.

WEDNESDAY: Cook’s Night Off Pick up a rotisserie chicken and California Quinoa Salad from our Prepared Foods area. (Don’t forget to use our online coupon or clip it from the in-store value guide.)

Serve with a lightly dressed baby green salad and have some Pink Lady apples for dessert.

THURSDAY: Take That, Takeout! Cook up Sweet and Sour Chicken (or Tofu) with Vegetables.

Serve with prepared 365 Everyday Value® organic rice (from the freezer!) and then clementines or wedges of navel oranges for dessert.

FRIDAY: Fish Friday Serve Tequila Lime Salmon with 365 Everyday Value® Black Rice (for the rice, print the online coupon or clip it from the in-store value guide.) and sautéed Beans and Greens Blend.

Treat yourself to a bowl 365 Everyday Value® Ice Cream with fresh strawberries for dessert.

Unwind with Piccolo Fiore Rosso di Sicilia.

WEEKEND: Game-Day Grub Steamed farm-raised shrimp and serve with cocktail sauce, Set out Warm Broccoli Cheese Dip and a layered dip of beans, salsa and homemade guacamole.

Want more? Add our Slow Cooker White Chili. If these meal ideas have you inspired to save, then turn to the The Whole Deal value guide.

With $46+ in coupons, more than a dozen Sure Deals, new budget recipes and much more, you can easily prepare budget-friendly and family-friendly meals plus have tasty leftovers in your fridge and something left in your bank account too.

Remember to download the coupons before you hit the store! What are your ideas for cooking winter meals on a budget?