Limited Edition Gift Card

This limited edition gift card was designed exclusively for Whole Foods Market® by artist Jason Middlebrook and was made with sustainably harvested birch wood. It is available for purchase online and in our stores in the US and Canada. Learn more about the artist below.

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Pocket Art for the holidays and beyond


Seeking more studio space, artist Jason Middlebrook left Brooklyn several years ago and headed for rural upstate New York. The rustic beauty and progressive culture of the Hudson Valley reminded Jason of his upbringing in 1970s northern California, stirring up memories of giant Redwoods, smooth surfboards and a natural aesthetic.

Gradually, the new surroundings seeped into Jason's work, and he started reclaiming wood planks, turning them into earthy canvases. On these sanded slabs, he used brightly-colored paints and sharp, angular lines, painting with and against the timber's grain, knots and imperfections, to play on the tension between organic and synthetic. What resulted was a series of works that marry the random, flowing lines found in nature with precise, manmade geometric patterns.

Simply put, Jason's works are stunning. The contrast between the gnarled wood and vibrant (sometimes neon) shapes and strokes evokes a visceral reaction in the beholder — taken separately, you don't assume they will go together, and yet they fit together so beautifully. Jason's work captures the contrast and collaboration between man and the natural environment.

When we decided to produce a limited-edition gift card made of wood, we immediately thought of Jason. Who better to turn the card's physical characteristics into a work of art? Better yet, a work of art that you can carry in your wallet.

Jason Middlebrook was born in Jackson, Michigan, raised in northern California, and now lives and works in Hudson, New York. His work has been featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and the Denver Art Museum. To learn more about Jason, please visit his website at All images are courtesy the artist and DODGEgallery.