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We’re pleased to offer the best selection of beef around with organic, grass-fed, local, dry-aged and grain-finished choices. Signs in our cases make it easy to choose, knowing every option is high quality with great flavor, and even our most basic beef must meet animal-welfare standards and roam the range for at least two-thirds of their lives.

With our beef, you get great-tasting meat from animals raised to our standards:

  • No antibiotics — ever

  • No supplemental growth hormones*

  • No animal byproducts in feed

  • Raised on pasture or range for at least 2/3 of the animal's life

Our beef selection

From local, grass-fed steak to frozen meatballs, each of our stores offers a localized variety of choices for everyday and special occasions.

All of our fresh beef must meet the standards listed above and be 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rated.

Other items in the meat department that are made with beef must come from animals raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones and must be made without hydrogenated fats and artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners. Additionally, synthetic nitrates and nitrites, and irradiation are prohibited.

Beef labeled organic must come from animals fed organic – which also means non-GMO – feed, given fresh air and outdoor access, and raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones.

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in raising pork, poultry, goats, veal and bison.

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